Yes I Can!!!

This is the message of the day…

C’mon… say it with me…

A new entry is coming tomorrow, but I wanted to leave you a little message today…

Gentle love, and Say Yes! You can DO it!
(No matter what it is!)


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  1. Well I’m under the belief that if you can imagine it you can do it.

  2. YES! I CAN! 😀

  3. Yes I can, Yes you Can, Yes we can. I believe people can do almost anything. I believe a little here and little there makes a Huge something. I believe, Together we can. One step, one day, or one stitch at a time.


  4. I love that! I am starting to learn yoga by myself and i will say that “Yes I Can!”

  5. I am also under the belief that if you tell yourself you can’t do it, you probably wont 🙂

  6. I definitely needed to hear that! My son has a test at Children’s Hospital tomorrow and I’m trying hard to stay strong – Yes I can!

  7. Yes, I Can…
    I really love that phrase…first time to read the phrase was in “Awaken the Giant within” written by Anthony Robbins…I do inspired with it…thanks for remind me…

    arwansp, leather recliners owner

  8. Oh, Yes! I can!

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