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She is a selkie by day, a mermaid by night, she knows this too be true.

Nights were scary before she grew her tail, frightening things grew too large when the sun went down and the stars in the sky didn’t light her way. She was a little girl, she was afraid.

One night, when bad things were happening, all of a sudden Maureen looked up at the stars and WHOOOSSSSHHHHH she was swept out of her body. Out of her body into an ocean of stars, star fish, the deep blue sea, she felt her legs fuse together and the movement, back and forth, once terrifying, became her tail swishing, moving through the waves, going deeper and faster, now nobody could catch her! There were starfish in her hair and a seaweed and everything looked blue and green and soft and hazy.

When she awoke the next morning she saw that she had slipped out of her tail and she walked awkwardly on her legs as any selkie does when they come ashore. Things had happened in the night that were not part of her daytime life and it was best left deep down in Neptune’s land.

As night approached Maureen could feel her legs prickling. She knew it was time to grow her tail again. She could swim deep and fast and down and down and she never had to be afraid again. No one could catch her under the sea with the scales of her tail glinting in the eyes of the silvery fish around her. She closed her eyes and dove back down and down and down.

The next morning the selkie got dressed and took her little book bag with her, happy to leave her tail, and the night, behind.

Copyright 2013-14 Maitri Libellule

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(As I move back into my work with The 100 Ladies Project I am going to republish their stories here. They first appeared on the original Maitri’s Heart blog at I lost all of the originals in the fire, but fortunately I have the graphics of the originals and some will go up in my new Society 6 shop where fine art prints of my work are, and the images from the paintings, and these — all of the original ladies were pastels — will go on many items such as mugs, cards, tshirts, totebags, shower curtains, duvet covers, phone, tablet, and laptop covers, and more. There is a widget below where you can see some of the products or you can click on the link to my shop here. Thank you.)



Make this the year your resolutions come true!

Make this the year your resolutions come true!


  1. Can you hear me gasp? When I told my ex I had to leave, he said, “You’ve found your seal skin.” He knew the selkie story – and knew when I found my seal skin, I would have to leave.

  2. Oh Cathryn, I just welled all up with tears reading that. I am in a very deep place when I write the stories and draw the ladies, they are meant to be healing touchstones for women going through all kinds of experiences, some of them are light and fun and funny, some are sad, or touching, and some, like Maureen’s, not especially easy to read given the implications, but I believe important for those who need to read it. I always feel as though the women and their stories come through me, not from me, a spiritual gift that I am deeply grateful to be living with. I’m glad that it touched you honey, that means a lot to me… <3

  3. Touched me too. I don’t know the selkie story and I’m going to see if I can find more about it right away. I think I kind of feel like a butterfly that had a long struggle to find her wings. I think one wing is a bit twisted and that’s why I have a hard time staying on the right direction but it is getting stronger and keeping up with the other and it’s easier. There is always hope. Thank you again.

  4. wowsie, just went to your store link and saw all these amazing products. are they “print and ship” on demand??? how did you figure all this stuff out? i’m deeply impressed, stunned in fact! way to go, artistwoman!!!


  5. Out of such pain and fear, such magic. She is another beautiful soul. You are truly inspired, Maitri.

  6. Oh Cathryn! I am glad you found seal skin.
    My prayers to those of us who had or have to face a different night, one that is not safe and comforting.
    Thank you for sharing your drawings and stories Maitri.

  7. Maitri,
    i have a dear Friend that is an Author and has a lot written about Selkies. When i went to her reading earlier this year i knew that Selkies are home for many of us. Thank you for posting this and letting me once again be home.

  8. Thank you all so much, your kind comments mean the world me, and Raven, selkies are magic indeed. Did you ever one of my all time favorite movies — absolutely magical, with selkies in it — The Secret of Roan Innish? You would love it! <3

  9. No, Maitri, i have not seen that movie. Will look out for it, your recommendation tells me i will love it.

    Much love to you!

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