The Experiment: Day 78 ~ Don’t Let The Turkeys Get You Down!

We all know they’re out there, the trolls, and this morning I got a doozie of a comment. It was so long and so detailed and so awful that my first thought was, “Gee, this person has been following me a long time to know all of that! Why bother to come here to read these posts if they think so little of me?” Then I read it again and I swear to you, it was just so awful that I burst out laughing! This person threw some facts at me, disparaging me for everything from my weight to my mental health issues and so many other things I just sort of sat in awe and wonder. I mean, I hope it gave them some satisfaction to have gotten all that off their chest. Ha ha ha, I almost posted the whole comment here but what’s the point? We could have all had a good laugh together, and then gone on with our day. Frankly I wouldn’t give this ridiculous troll the time of day or the satisfaction of their words having an audience.

The thing that it made me realize, once again, is how many idiots there are out there, obviously without lives or anything to do, that just will rove about the internet being mean, and frankly — and I want you all to take this in — don’t mean a hill of beans in the long run. DO NOT EVER LET THE TROLLS STOP YOU FROM DOING WHAT YOU DO! I certainly am not! I write very openly about my mental health struggles, I have been open about my weight as I entered this keto journey and yes I’ve a long way to go but I’m not only doing it I don’t need anyone’s approval nor do I need anyone applauding me along the way. I’m doing this for me and I feel so good and it’s so satisfying nothing anyone says will make a difference.

And I will continue to write openly about my days, good and bad, because in the main what I want people to know, people who are suffering and struggling, is that we can have very hard times, we can have very hard things to deal with in life, BUT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, WE ALWAYS HAVE VALUE AND WORTH, AND WE CAN MAKE IT! One day at a time. I think, despite it all, we keep on keeping on, reach out to other people with love and compassion, and do the work we know we are meant to do, in my case work I have been doing for 40 years, and know in my heart I am meant to do. That’s all I need to know, and I am happy and at peace with that.

I hear all the time from people who are positively devastated by a troll’s comments. Some have shut down their blogs or stopped doing the work they are doing, and this breaks my heart. A troll is a sick and a sad and a lonely, miserable, pitiful person. I said a prayer for this one, deleted the comment, and went about my day. And I am really only writing about it here because I want others who receive these kind of mean comments to consider the source, have a good laugh, delete the comment and go on. Because if you are not hitting a nerve they wouldn’t comment, and if you’re hitting a nerve you’re making a difference, and by God if you’re making a difference you better keep on keeping on! We NEED you.

I’m going to stop here. I’ve just had another good laugh. Sticks and stones may break my bones but trolls will never hurt me. Sorry honey, I know you did your best. It was lost on me. I may be overweight and some days crazy as a loon but I’m secure in who I am, in what my gifts and talents are, and I shall keep on keeping on. Your efforts have gone for naught. And really you gave me such a good laugh!

Seriously folks, don’t let the turkeys get you down. Their words are just drivel. Gobble, gobble, gobble…

Attractive, right?

Ha ha ha ha ha… Oh, and remember the old saw, “Never have a battle of wits with an unarmed person.” I rest my case!


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  1. Oh Maitri, I love you even more. I am glad you got a good laugh from the idiots post. Good for you!! I don’t know if you watch The Pioneer Woman or not from the Food TV channel. She has a blog and a troll made up her own blog about how much she hates her. Isn’t that an amazing waste of time!
    Posting a picture of a nice big Turkey made me laugh. Thank you. You are so real and I love you for it.


    • Thank you so much Jean. You have to just shake your head, what else are you gonna do? Stop doing what you’re doing? I think not. Sigh. Not the best way to start the day I tell you, but I’m over it! 😀

  2. Congratulations on writing so candidly your words split someone wide open. At the end of their vitriol, they must have been disappointed to discover their broken hearts were not healed by shifting their pain onto you. Good for you for not taking it on. May the troll find peace.

    • Amen Cathryn! As I said I hope it made her feel better! Me, it was just a blip in my day and I had a ball writing this post! Onwards and upwards! And blessings to you dear Cathryn, I hope you’re having a lovely holiday season! 🙂

  3. Right on Maitri. Good for you. Let the pathos of others’ negativity roll of our backs and back into the sea, (that will save what’s good and dispose of the rest.) It’s clear you are in fine fiddle to get a laugh rather than an agonizing cry over this post. You are a mighty light in the darkness, and a sparkler that never goes out, despite hard times. Yay You!!!


    • Thank you so much dear Ka… well it did give me a start over morning coffee but then I sat there, read it again, and honestly burst out laughing. This person was DETAILED. She tried her best to bring up any and every area of my life to prove what a loser I was, but I just kind of shook my head. Seriously darlin’, this is all you’ve got to do with your time? How sad.

      And on I go. I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now as you well know. This was a gnat, now smashed, in my day today. And yes I just love the sparklers! I need a box of them! 😀

  4. You are an Awesome woman. I,too, have followed you for a long time and have felt your ups and downs. I am always so grateful to you for your honesty and unflinching support of others. Your reaction to this troll not only gives me courage but opens my eyes to the possibilities if I start my own blog. If I hadn’t read this I would have thought it was me. Thank you for sharing this. 💖

    • You are so kind Kate, I appreciate all that you said, and no honey, don’t ever let a troll stop you from doing what is in your heart to do. DO YOUR BLOG if that is in your heart. I know it will be wonderful! The trolls and the naysayers are out there but what a sad world it would be if we let them dictate how we lived our lives and did our work in the world. And you are so welcome. Onwards and upwards! 😀

  5. What a wonderful response to the negative post! And love the turkeys!!

  6. Hopefully this troll will find a better use for their time and kindly unsubscribe, or stop reading this blog. Because the definition of insanity is to waste one’s leaving hate in the world to a person they don’t even personally know. Dear troll, if you are reading this, I hope you seriously consider your life and how you are choosing to spend your energies. If God were to take you out of this world tomorrow would you have felt leaving hate on a sweet woman’s blog was a good way to go out? I think not. Every action you make in this life is a legacy you are creating for yourself. If you want to leave a legacy of being mean to people on the internet than that’s your business, but I’d seriously be re evaluating your life’s purpose if you think attempting to hurt people is an excellent way to spend your time here on earth. Especially during the holiday season, where most people are feeling the warmth and kindness of the Christmas season. How about using your words to encourage and build people up rather than tear them down? Take a look in the mirror today and evaluate yourself and your actions. On another note, only hurting people spend their energy trying to hurt others. So I’m sorry for your pain. May God use this experience to convict you of your actions and may healing be brought into your life. I sincerely hope your heart instead will be filled with self love, compassion, and the general goodwill of the Christmas season.
    I applaud you dear Maitri for having the COURAGE to be so vulnerable and share your life with us, which unfortunately opens you up to hate like this. I don’t think I even have the courage you do, and you are a gift to us all. Thank you for this gift. To the bully- it doesn’t take real courage to leave hate and tear someone down. It’s a cowardly thing to do. Say what you will about Maitri, but she is filled with courage, love and a gentle spirit in the face of all the horrid things she’s been through in life. She’s a wonderful example of finding the light and to keep going no matter what.. This is what makes her an excellent mentor. That is all.

    • Thank you dear Bekah, you are so kind and I appreciate your dear words so much. It is people like you who REALLY know me and my work whose opinion matters to me, not someone I don’t know who would write such an unbelievably hateful comment. It is unfortunately all part of the internet today and if we’re going to be here for the sweet things and dear friends the occasional flotsam and jetsam on the internet will come our way, flowing in, flowing out, and then moving on into oblivion. It is now part of my past and my life goes on, but I appreciate your kindness so much. Thank you dearheart, and bless you… 🙂

  7. That should say to waste one’s time.

  8. Well, Cathryn, Bekah, Kate, Ka, and Jean have said everything that I would say already.

    Your writing (and voice) spreads gifts to the folks that read your writings, or have listened to your podcasts in the past, or have interacted personally with you via mentoring, as I have.

  9. Thank you for deleting rather than posting the troll’s comment. It makes me so sad sometimes, the way haters pollute the internet.
    Thank you for showing me a new way to deal with people like that.
    Thank you for making sparklers something I will see with tenderness and a smile from now on, thinking if you! Until now I used to be afraid of them hurting someone, even setting someone or something on fire.
    Thank you for being there, sharing your journey.
    Have wonderful, blessed day.
    Yours Silke

    • Good Morning Darling Silke,

      Thank you for your support honey, and yes, one has to be careful with sparklers of course but they can be safely used and are quite a delight! I don’t like fireworks that POP and make noises but I love sparklers, they celebrate the day! And yes trolls are bothersome but easily dealt with and we must never let them rule our lives. So cowardly, on the internet, to leave hurtful remarks and then run off. My blog has never been about anything but love and compassion, honesty and holding all in my heart. That kind of negativity here was a shock but quickly dealt with. It’s so good to see all my lovely people gathering round. It makes me feel loved and supported and I appreciate that more than I could possibly say.

      Have a wonderful weekend Silke, and many bright blessings to you honey… 🙂


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