The Experiment: Day 64 ~ The Christmas PuggyDays Have Begun!

The famous pug head tilt…

Well today’s the day! The Christmas holiday season officially begins today. No, I will not be “Black Friday” shopping, I will be decorating. The pugs are so confused. You see we haven’t really decorated for Christmas since the fire 4 years ago with the exception of the sweet 4′ Christmas tree my darling friend Jeff brought me Christmas 2014, the first Christmas after the fire, when I didn’t have the heart for Christmas at all. He said “You have to have a Christmas tree!” and brought me a lovely pre-lit Christmas tree, old fashioned ornaments which he put ON the tree, and a gorgeous angel that lights up, she’s big and beautiful. It goes on my round table here in the studio where we spend most of our time and I just love it. Each year, when I finally have the heart to take it down, which may be almost March!, I carry it carefully into the garage, fully decorated, and each year, the day after Thanksgiving, I carry it back in and plug everything in. It is so pretty, it makes ME light up like a Christmas tree and I always remember my darling Jeff who saved that Christmas for me. Lookie, isn’t it grand?

And this year I have purchased two inexpensive wreaths, one for the front door and one for the inside of my studio door. I will be bringing the tree in today and putting up the wreaths and the blue lights on the front porch. I just haven’t had the heart to decorate like this since the fire but this year I am bringing the joy back in. I am so excited.

Here’s the wreath I ordered for the studio. I just love the little cardinals…

The one I got for the front door of the house I will take a picture of after I put it up because it is lovely but pretty plain with colored lights all around but I ordered some tiny old fashioned Christmas ornaments I am going to put on it to spice it up.

I was going to put a picture up of my house Christmas 2013, just a month and a half before the fire. It was so beautifully lit up with my blue lights but also that year I had icicle lights hanging from the edge of the roof. I had someone put them up for me. It was enchanting. But I can’t do that anymore and the picture just made me sad. I will take a picture this year when I have my sweet little blue lights up, and it will be enough. We can’t live in the past, life in this house before the fire was another life, it’s time to build a new life and really live here. I have never done that since the fire. This year it’s time, and we need it more than ever this year.

I am telling the pugs all about my exciting plans but they have one track minds. This is all they are thinking about…

I think I need to sit the three of them down and have a talk with them about the true meaning of Christmas!

Well I am getting off the computer now to put some Christmas music on for the first time this year while I decorate. I need to deck the halls and all that. Fa la la la la, la la la la…

Holiday love to one and all…


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  1. Your little tree is delightful and bright! The cardinal wreath is adorable.

    I started a little decorating today as well. The garland with lights is up on my balcony railing. I may be getting more lights for out there from a friend next week. She has a house and is always buying more outdoor lights when they go on sale at the end of the season. She has more than she needs.

    Inside, I have brought out my artificial red poinsettia, which is actually quite nice and a couple of other decorative items. I strung my short strings of mini lights across a couple of shelves of my book case and put another set in a small glass vase on the piano.

    As the days go by I will bring out more decorations. For now, I’m enjoying adding the lights to brighten up the early dark evenings.

    Looking forward to seeing your photo of your outdoor lights and wreath!

    • Thank you so much Joan, and all your decorations sound lovely.

      Alas I got out the 1st string of blue lights, plugged them in, and the strands were way too short! I got them at the Dollar Store and they’re pretty but the 4 boxes I got aren’t HALF enough for my porch, I’m so disappointed! I will return them and have no lights this year. Sigh, but my tree is up in the studio and the cardinal wreath on the studio door and it looks quite festive in here. And I got the big wreath out to hang it on the front door and it needed 3 D batteries which I didn’t have! Geez Louise! So I’m getting the batteries and the only thing missing will be the lights. I’m both disappointed and relieved because it’s a big job to do the whole front porch. Well I’ve surely got more going on here than last year and that’s something! 🙂

  2. Your wreath is charming! To me, it is just right! Hugs, Marge. 🙂

  3. Lovely and festive, your wreath is so pretty! It’s beginning to look festive here too, we had our first snow yesterday and I had to break the ice on the birds’ water dish when I went out to feed them this morning. Brrr!

    • Oh Jenny, snow and ice! Where are you honey? I grew up in the midwest with lots of snow and we rarely get any on the coast of NC. I really miss it. It’s gotten cool for us here but cool for us is in the 50’s and 60’s! Stay warm and enjoy the holiday season… 🙂

  4. I think I’m hooked by all this decorating talk. Perhaps I’ll start decorating my flat come Monday. Where I live, Christmas lights are not lit before Eternity Sunday, the last Sunday of November. My mother died Nov. 11th last year, so I was not in decorating mood then. But this is a new year. I might as well join you and start living again, too.
    Thanks for this inspiring blog, dear Maitri!

    • Oh Silke I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. I know how hard that is. My mother died in December in 2009 and it’s something you always carry with you. And yes I am stepping up my game a little bit this year with decorating and it feels good. I hope you have a lovely holiday season, where are you honey? And I so appreciate your kind words about the blog, so glad you enjoyed it. Come back again soon… 🙂

      • Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated. I’m in Northern Germany, at the Baltic Sea. Isn’t it great how we are able to get acquainted across the ocean? I love following you blog!

        • Oh Silke, Germany, how lovely it must be! I visited Germany decades ago and thought it was so beautiful. I love knowing that I have a friend there now! 🙂 That is one of the truly wondrous things about the internet, we can make friends around the world, and I just love it. Bless you sweetie, and it means so much to me that you follow my blog. It is 9 pm here, you will be fast asleep, I hope you are sleeping well and having sweet dreams…

  5. Lynne Joncas says:

    I love that you are feeling more Christmassy this year; the wreath is beautiful and your little tree is so sweet! I’ve been decorating here and there the past few days but still have the trees (2) and my Christmas village to do. Love, love love the pugs and the head tilt! My pug mix Toby does that and it just melts my heart! Enjoy your Christmas preparations and embrace the everyday 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lynne, I do so love my sweet little tree and I am delighted by my little wreath. And oh I love those Christmas villages, how enchanting it must be. Yes pugs melt my heart every day, those at the top are not my three, just a gif I found to use here that I thought was cute. I recently put a picture of my pugs up. They are my little darlings. And yes honey, you enjoy your Christmas preparations too, I hope you have a very happy holiday season… 🙂

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