The Experiment: Day 132 ~ Yep, All That’s Left Of Me Is A Dangling Eyeball — Or– Trying To Learn How To Make Videos…


Yes, I’ve made lots of videos on my phone. I’m trying to do them on the computer. This is something I used to do but haven’t done in a long time. And I lost my nice webcam in the fire so today I’ve been trying to learn to use the built-in webcam that came with my computer and the software that came with it too. And of course it’s kind of a no brainer to record the video, (Except it’s grainy, I think I’m going to have to buy a real webcam to attach to the computer.) but, oh gee willikers, this software, editing the video is a nightmare! I am not tech savvy. I am an intuitive learner and I can’t even remember the software I used to use because it was on the computer I had before the fire. It was so easy. And I mean I’m just going to be doing really basic stuff. Essentially I will be sitting there talking to you, you know, that sort of thing. I don’t need a lot of fast and fancy effects, it’s not a video game I’m trying to make here.

Now I realize that people make videos all the time and this is supposed to be an easy program — VideoPad — but DAMN, I tried so hard for so long and as I usually do I tried to do all manner of things I had no business trying because I was positively clueless and you can actually hurt yourself messing with stuff you’ve got no business messing with! I leaned forward staring into the screen and concentrating so hard for so long trying different “basic” effects that I thought I was going stark raving mad. I was about to go running down the street screaming in attire that truly should never leave the house. I would’ve too if the pugs hadn’t stopped me. They were simply horrified. And as they had been staring over my shoulder for hours they looked just like these two…

None of us were a pretty sight. We were all reduced to a sodden mess. I had to stop. Anything but that. With a little less self-control I would have hurled something right through the computer screen. I took a break. I went outside with the pugs. I got involved with the leaf blower for awhile cleaning all the seed off the deck that the squirrels had strewn everywhere and then came inside and fed the pugs their dinner. I decided, then, to make mine too even though I wasn’t hungry. I was stalling. Anything but coming back and starting in again. And then I thought, OH HELL NO! I’ll just come on my blog and ask my dear readers to help me. The wee part of my brain that might have been of some help has left the building. I NEED you all!

So, here’s the thing. I need to know a few things and I would greatly appreciate it if you would write to me in the comments below. I’m serious. I need some help.

First of all can you make decent videos using your computer’s built-in camera? It sure doesn’t look like it. I have an HP desktop and it’s a nice computer but the videos it takes are just too grainy. I want really clear videos, we all do. Next, if you use an external webcam can you recommend one that is inexpensive and works well? Again, I’m not making feature films here, I don’t need and can’t afford all the bells and whistles but I want something that makes nice videos. I looked on amazon. The one I bought last time was a $31.99 Logitech. Now the one that I read recommended all over the place for not much more than $50, which is still a bit steep for me, is the Logitech HD Pro Webcam 920. Now LOTS of people rave about it but then I started reading both in amazon reviews and in the Google that it has a problem with Windows 10 and doesn’t work a lot of the time. There are even youtube videos about this problem. I surely am not going to buy something that is going to have issues right out of the box and I don’t want to get into uninstalling and reinstalling things as it says you have to do. No telling what kind of havoc I would wreak on this computer trying to mess with that. It would be pure mayhem!

I just want something that you plug in and go and make nice clear videos. Can you recommend something to me? Truly, I’m counting on you folks.

Then there is the problem of the video editing software. I wish I could remember what I used to use. It was easy with my Mac — I was always a Mac person — but I couldn’t afford a Mac after the fire. I am on a pc using Windows 10. I need free software. Do any of you use a free, easy software for basic video editing? I would so appreciate any help you can give me here. I really would.

Well I’m going to quit here. I think I’ll probably amble back over to youtube and look for a video that is called “Making Gorgeous Videos, FREE AND EASY, For Dummies.” I’m sure it must be there somewhere. Also if you know a good youtube video that gives good basic instruction in all of this please share the link with me. And please, I’m a visual learner, don’t send me to a website with written instructions. I won’t be able to make heads or tails of it. I need help, but gently, please…

Here is a selfie of me right now…

Take pity on me please. Write to me in the comments below.

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  1. Oh Maitri, I know that frustrating feeling and wanting to throw something through the screen. Glad you didn’t do it but oh boy!
    I have NO idea how to edit or what to use. I will be interested to see what help you get. It will help me too. I go live on Facebook either with my Samsung phone (Note 4) or my ipad. I don’t edit, I just do it. My phone has editing software with it but I don’t know how to use it. Do you really need to edit? I don’t know. Anyhow, I hope you find your answers and we all will learn.
    Love, Jean

    • Thanks so much Jean, I’m working toward doing videos every morning for my patrons on Patreon when I open it, kind of “Have Coffee With Maitri” videos 5 days a week. Just want them to look nice. 🙂 Onwards and Upwards!

  2. i can be of ABSOLUTELY no help on this score. i’m still only dipping one little toe into facebook… i am NOT tech savvy!!! you gotta ask some young person (30 or so), they’ll give you all the counsel you’ll need. and good luck sweetie!


    • Hello Darling Ka! You are so right! Ha! If you ever need help I bet Alana could help you! Yes everything about working online one way or the other ends up being a steep learning curve because the technology that used to be pretty basic and simple just changes every 3 seconds these days and gets more and more complicated! Once more into the breech! 😀

  3. Oh dear! Have you talked to Bekah? I know she makes videos for her YouTube page. I’m sorry, but I’m no help either. I do hope someone helpful responds.

    • Hey Joan, Bekah and I Skype for 2 or 3 hours every Thursday night so I will be seeing her tonight and I planned to ask her! I’m pretty sure she just does them with her phone! I’m really hoping that people will respond too! I’m off to do today’s blogpost now, on and on I go! 😀

  4. I am no help on this matter. I do not have a clue. I have a MAC but have never done a video, except on my phone with no editing. Find a young person! they seem to do this kind of thing effortlessly!

    • Ha! Lorraine! That’s exactly what Katya said above! 😀 The funny thing is I have 3 kids, 2 still in their 30’s, and they don’t know any of this at ALL! I can run circles around them in doing websites and blogs and graphic work! It’s just one more learning curve and I will climb this Everest too! Onwards and upwards! I’m scared but excited! Here I go!

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