The Experiment: Day 109 ~ Lovely (And Amazing!) Miracles in 2018…

What a beautiful day it’s been. I started the day by photographing the hyacinths above while I made my coffee and the dogs ate their breakfast. They are truly miraculous. My darling daughter Rachel, last winter, brought me a pot of purple hyacinths when I was going through a really hard time. After they “went by” I put them out on my deck and kept them watered. About 2 weeks ago green shoots were poking up through the soil so I brought them inside and sat them here by my kitchen sink. They came up so fast I was amazed and here they are, nearly a year after Rachel first brought them, blooming again. She was here over the weekend and I was so tickled to show them to her, she was as delighted as I was! And this pot of hyacinths is perfuming my whole house. They are amazing. One of Mother Nature’s many miracles and a sure sign that when you love something and tend to it tenderly it lives on. They make me so happy.

And THEN, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I had my appointment today to have my meds managed. He was amazed by how well I am doing and CUT MY ANTI-DEPRESSANT IN HALF as a first step to going off them completely! My anti-anxiety medication was cut back too. He really believes the ketogenic diet is healing me and THIS is exactly why I went on this diet in the first place. Losing weight is good but so many amazing things are happening for me health-wise that I just can’t believe it. Or rather I believe it, I am just over-the-moon happy that in 3 months my A1C is 5.5, I have reversed the pre-diabetic state I was in for 3 years, now need no medication, and my doctor is just thrilled. My blood pressure has gone down and is good, and NOW I’m beginning the process of going off my psych meds! This is just phenomenal! I’m telling you the ketogenic “diet” is so much more than a diet, it is a lifestyle, a way of life, I will never go off of it, and it has become a deeply spiritual thing to me. It is the greatest gift I have ever given myself, and now, what I’ve hoped and wished for for years and was afraid would never be possible IS possible. Within the year I should be off all meds entirely!

And it was just wonderful to be out today. I haven’t been out since last Wednesday when I got out to my therapy appointment but by the time I came out of my session the freezing rain had begun. Hours of freezing rain and snow through the night made the roads impassable and because it stayed so bitterly cold for days nothing melted. It stayed cold through the weekend but today finally got up to 50! Today things started to melt but even my road back here is still slow-going. But to make it out, go to my med management appointment, the bank, got gas in the car, got my meds refilled and did a big grocery shopping, phew! It is just wonderful. Getting out and getting all this done today was a little miracle too. I count every little miracle as a tremendous blessing, I look for, and receive, little miracles every day. I appreciate everything, I am filled with gratitude.

In closing I want to share this quote with you, it is one of my favorites and one I plan to read everyday in 2018, in fact I may put it in the sidebar here so that we can all remember it all year long…

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~ Albert Einstein ~

I believe that miracles are all around us if we open our hearts to them. My heart, mind, body, and soul are wide open to receiving these miracles, but they don’t happen on their own. I believe that it takes the willingness to throw off the shackles of disbelief and open our heart more than we ever dreamed possible. This is the year to give, receive, and celebrate every moment of every day. I am so joyful in the moment I am simply beaming. Oh Happy Day!

May your life be filled with wonder, blessings, magic and miracles in 2018, and may abundance of every type flow through your life, ongoing, the whole year through. I believe this is a year for abundance and miracles.

And, I am sending you so much love, every single day…


The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
Happiness: Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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  1. I believe in Miracles too Maitri. We are miracles, all of us! Yes to be open to miracles is important. I need to remind myself from time to time.
    I am so glad you are feeling so much better and are getting slowly weaned off your meds. It is truly a miracle that a diet can be so healing.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. I am sure it will help others.
    Much Love, Jean

    • Hello Darling Jean and YES! We are ALL miracles, we simply need to be open to receiving them. And oh my goodness yes it is an absolute miracle what this diet has done for me in so many ways. It has been such a blessing in my life, and I’m so glad to see you here tonight honey, I hope you have had a blessed day. I see little miracles sparkling all around you, this is going to be an amazing, wonderful year. Don’t you just feel it?

      Every time I see your beautiful smiling face it makes me so happy. I’m sending much love to you dearheart…


      • Thank you Maitri for seeing little miracles sparkling all over me. I was not feeling it at all today but tomorrow will be better. I need to do some adjustment with my thinking to decide what is more important.
        I am glad my smiling face makes you happy. I will accept your love with big smiles and happy sighs.


        • Oh sweet Jean I do indeed see the sparkles. I think if you close your eyes, and breathe slowly, in and out a few times. and as you do imagine, and FEEL, little sparkles of light and energy all around you and within you, you will awaken to all the potent possibilities abundant all around you. And soon you will see them with your eyes open. Do it with your eyes closed for a little while to begin to feel them and know that they are real. This isn’t just a fantasy, they’re there, all around us, when we see them, acknowledge them, the miracles begin. Much love dearheart, have a sparkling day! 🙂

  2. Victoria SkyDancer says:

    Most excellent news! Here’s to slow and steady progress! 🙂

    • Thank you so much sweet Victoria, and slow and steady is the only way, right? Much luck and love to you this year sister… 🙂

  3. That’s wonderful news about your health markers and your meds Maitri! Wow!

    I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m reading The Wishing Year. I got it from the library soon after you mentioned it before but took a break from it over the holidays. I am now really enjoying getting back into the story. It’s inspirational and she is a very good writer.

    Yes to this being a year of abundance and miracles! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Joan and OH! I am SO excited that you are reading The Wishing Year. I loved that book so much and it really helped me a lot and I believe in all she says and does. I want to reread that book soon, it’s made a big difference in my life, and YES! Abundance! Miracles! And more! Yay!

      Big love to you sweet Joan…


  4. Thank you Maitri, for that wonderful quote from Albert Einstein…I just added it to my signature on my emails….all of life, everyday, every minute, is a miracle!

    • Oh I’m so glad you liked it Barb, I think it’s a wonderful quote. Miracles abound! May you be blessed in each moment as it comes… 🙂

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