Tallulah & Georgia Want To Save The World! (But first they think they better sit down for a minute.)…


I am having so much fun. Tallulah now has her sidekick and constant companion, “Sweet Georgia Brown,” the pug who came on Prozac and needs as much help as Tallulah does, and by the time I got going today I had created a whole new website. Excitement —> Mania —> Oopsie Daisy, let’s slow down a minute…

Okay, so instead of doing a whole new website, writing ten books this year, opening an etsy shop to sell their wares, and more I kind of scaled it down to writing a blog post. My pugs pulled me back to reality by needing to go out 12 times in a very short period of time which broke my bi polary, jangly, manic flow of ideas. I’m telling you these pugs are service dogs for me. This is just the sort of thing Georgia does for Tallulah. I think pugs are the Patron Saints of Bi Polar people everywhere, or so I imagine.

So, suffice it to say I am moving forward, drawing daily, and beginning to write the book too. And I watched a wonderful video today of artist Lisa Congdon whom I really admire talking about how to go from starving to thriving as an artist. I took copious notes. And I worked in my journal for a long time doing the things she says to do in the video and I already feel more organized.

The thing is that writing this book is not only something I feel really good about in terms of deeply believing that it will help not only people who struggle with bi polar disorder and other mental health challenges but in helping other people who have always felt like misfits, outcasts, or square pegs in round holes to know their own worth, to love themselves and celebrate themselves just for who they are with all of their perceived oddities, their insecurities, their lumps and bumps and imperfections, and to help them live fully, vibrantly, and peacefully in their own skin.

So it was a good day, I didn’t go ricocheting off the walls for hours on end, I did not collapse into an impenetrable, devastating depression, I have gotten a lot done here in the cottage, with the animals, and with my work, and I am feeling good. So good that I am going to let myself just write this short little blog post to just kind of say hello. And to introduce you to Tallulah’s Georgia.

And because wee Laverne, my newest rescue pug, a little senior lady of 12, keeps tapping me in a very lady-like fashion that means, “I truly believe that I am correct in assuming it is the dinner hour.” I know I’m right about this because usually when she taps me with one paw it means she has to go out but she has nearly run me ragged in the last hour and a half tapping politely which caused me to scoop her up and lunge at top speed out the door only to find out that she didn’t really have to go. It’s that keeping me from trying to start a Fortune 5000 company on a Sunday afternoon business. But that’s okay, who could resist this face?


I shall go serve dinner to the four pugs. Tallulah will feed Georgia, Miss Scarlett will get her evening treat, and then I will draw and write a little more this evening. Ah, the last bits of the weekend, precious last hours before the week ahead begins.

Have a lovely evening dearhearts, and know that we are all sending you so much love, albeit perhaps a tad lopsidedish, cattywompus, and sideways, but all kinds of love, in any event…


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  1. So much deep assurance and direction in your posts lately, dear Maitri, and that makes me smile deep down.

  2. I love how your pugs take care of you and you seem to be much more aware of what is going on with you. Maybe you are even faster to realise.
    Thanks for sharing the video of Lisa Congdon. I love her work. She is totally awesome.
    And so are you and Laverne 🙂

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