Every Night I Go To Bed Laughing!

“There seems no doubt that hearty laughter stimulates practically all the larger organs, and by making them do their work better through the increase of circulations that follow the vibratory massage that accompanies it, heightens resistive vitality against disease.”

~ James L. Walsh, Laughter and Health ~

Sam is giving you the raspberries!

I was thinking after reading that quote above that I must be the healthiest woman in the universe. I mean with 6 parrots, one dog, and 3 pugs (they’re not the same, as I’ve said before) plus the 2 beta fish, who, if truth be told, are absolutely hysterical, I spend a great deal of the time here laughing at somebody or other! But it’s when I go to bed at night that I always really laugh, and it’s all due to Sampson.

I have mentioned previously that Sam is my velcro-pug, and anything more than a quarter of an inch from my body is too far. As I have taken to sleeping downstairs on the couch (it’s a nice, overstuffed, 7 foot long couch given to me along with the oversized chair and ottoman, barely used, by dear friends when I moved in here 6 years ago with not much of anything. They are very comfy!) since hurting my ankle so badly (the bedroom is upstairs) Sam and I sleep on the couch. Here’s the routine.

First of all, if I stay at my desk too late working, like, say, 2.a.m., he will come out from under my desk where he has been lying on my feet and sit and stare at me, right next to me, sobbing pug-like, the most pitiful sound you’ve ever heard. He looks up at me with those gigantic soulful eyes, and if I’m not finished working (I often write very late at night.) I will say to him, “Not yet Sammy. Mama is not finished working.” He knows exactly what I mean but he’s not happy about it. He shrugs, goes back under my desk, and lies on my feet.

Sam, lying on my feet under my desk, thinking, “Why can’t I get
her to go to bed at some decent time. She knows I can’t go to bed
without her… Sigh…”

When I am finally ready to go to bed, I needn’t say a thing. I turn the computer off, turn the light out, take off my glasses, and he runs around looking at me, all jostling about with joy because he knows we are going to bed. He follows me to the bathroom where I brush my teeth and take care of other — ahem — business, and then follows me back to the couch. He hops up on the couch, and, while it doesn’t seem to bother him that he needs to snorfle about and go round and round and go belly up and nose down and round and round and round before he can get settled, it irks him no end that he gets jostled about by me getting situated!

This is something you have to see to understand how cute it is because it’s the oddest thing I’ve ever seen, I’ve had dogs of all breeds all of my life because they’ve pretty well all been rescues, and I have never seen any dog do what pugs do. They straddle the arm of a chair or couch, if it’s wide and comfy, and go to sleep. I don’t have a picture of Sampson on the couch because I’m already “in bed” when he hops up there, but he will hop up and stretch out until I am still. Here’s a picture of him on the arm of the chair…

I think this “pug pose” is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Sometimes I try to get him to help me with my fiber work, but last
time we tried we both fell asleep in piles of shredded sari silk for
the yarn I was handspinning…

Anyway, he straddles the arm of the couch and looks at me in dismay. And don’t think I don’t know what he’s thinking either. He’s thinking, “Man, it takes her forever to snorfle about and flip flop and go round and round and round…” We know each other well. Once, I am settled in, however, he hops down in his special spot, the crook of my knees, and starts his round of snorfling, circling, digging, grunting, and I start laughing as quietly as I can because I don’t want to get him worked up, and we’re in the living room where the other dogs and birds are all longsince asleep, but by the time he kind of collapses in sheer exhaustion, we both begin to go to sleep, his little head on my ankles most likely, and it’s only when I wake up that I realize he has moved up on my hip and thigh, balancing, I suppose, against the back of the couch.

When Pug Rescue told me that this little dog would stick to me like glue, I didn’t know they meant literally, but he is one of the greatest joys of my life as are all of my other feathered, furred and finned family. As a woman who has been in therapy most of her life and suffered severe depression all her life, and while I know the meds I’m on do help, I credit my animals for keeping me happy and sane and joyful most of all. If you ask me, when a therapist takes on a new client who is depressed the first thing they should ask them is, “Forget your past, do you have any animal companions?” If the patient says no, he or she should be hustled off to the nearest Humane Society or rescue and get a dog or cat whom they will surely fall in love with on sight. These animals, especially the dogs, are the only unconditional love we will most likely every know (I speak for dogs because I am allergic to cats, but they are wonderful too!).

In closing, I’d like to leave you with another quote that I really love…

“Laughter is cosmic joy juice … we pretend we are separate from one another. But the contagion of laughter reminds us we are one.

~ Annette, Goodheart, New Realities ~

My little pack of joy juice munchkins without whom I would laugh
a whole lot less…


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  1. Adorable and very well said! Love the quotes. Animals are a consistent, constant joy!

  2. THANK YOU…your photos could help anyone laugh.
    Materi you remind me of a quote I heard recently. You seem to eminate it…

    Life is a gift, and everyday a thank you card.

    In all my enthusiasm yesterday, I forgot to mention for you to have a happy birthday…
    Seems the gesture was unnecessary, as you are creating a happy life.


  3. This was an awesome story.

    I have the same evening ritual with my cat Pumuckl. He knows when Mommy switches off the computer it’s time to sleep and he runs into the bedroom. If I don’t come along fast enough he will come back to take me πŸ™‚

    Animals are amazing creatures, life without pets would not be that nice!

  4. That’s the best therapy ever. If you can laugh at the end at the day, or at least if you smile it’s a good sign you had a great day. That was the answer I gave when somebody has asked me what do I want from life … I just said I wish everytime I go to sleep there’s a smile on my face …

  5. Sam is one precious pug! I recognize some traits Sam and Charlie (our pug) share, like sleeping under my husband’s desk, on top of his feet most of the times. Charlie like Sam loves to sit or sleep just like that in the photo on top of the arm chair….and their loyalty are the same!

    my family had plenty of dogs of different breeds in the past, I must say that pugs are my favorite.

    Kisses to Sammy and the rest of your ‘kids.’ Have a blessed Sunday to you πŸ™‚

  6. What a sweet description. I love sleeping with my dog although she manages to take up most of the bed and then huff with annoyance if I try to move her.

  7. I couldn’t live without animals, and when I get my villa in Crete (if I’m not a senile invalid by then) I’ll get goats, horses, dogs, chickens, every animal variety possible.

    Last year my beloved cat, Nomad, had to be put to sleep, aged 14, it broke my heart. I’d managed to keep her going for a couple of years with a variety of meds, but then a tumour developed on her face and she was scratching it and … well, it came the time that it wasn’t fair to force her to go on.

    I miss her snuggled up against the back of my head when I sleep. It was like wearing a warm and furry (and purring) hat in bed.

    I still have her daughter, Dollie (herself 14 this year), and I love her, but she isn’t Nomad. I’ve started crying again just writing this, I loved her so much, and do miss her company, she was exceptional. ;-(

  8. Hi Maitri… I absolutely enjoyed this entry. Samson reminds me a little of our kitty, Fey Fey, also a rescue, who absolutely HAS to be in the middle of everything from breakfast to scrabble. Critters are wonderful… how can anyone NOT have a bunch!?

  9. How sweet! I’m including you and your story about Sam in the next Canine Carnival! πŸ˜€

  10. This post reminds me of my little dog Bailey, Shih Tzu, whom I adore so much. He has a mind of his own, stays very close to me MOST of the time and gets extremely upset with me when I’m on the computer too much in my office. Many times in the past when I worked in the office in the evenings, he would come in to the room, bark at me to come back to the living room. If I told him “not right now sweetie” he continued to bark. Then he stomps his feet, gives a big sigh, turns his back to me on the floor and pouts. Then I notice it and laugh so hard. When bed time comes he joyfully jumps on the bed, turns round and round until every thing is just right and falls asleep. Ten minutes he is snoring so loudly. I laugh again.
    Oh…the joys of our pets!!!

  11. “Forget your past, do you have any animal companions?” I love it! I suffer anxiety, and am on meds for it. I love my six dogs.. they comfort me like no other being has ever been able to. πŸ™‚

  12. First of all, Happy Belated Birthday! πŸ™‚

    Secondly, I can SO relate to what you’re saying! I have six dogs myself, the littlest of whom is only 7 pounds but thinks he’s 70. LOL When he wants us to go to bed, he “tells” us and, like you, if we’re not ready yet, we just tell him and he begrudgingly waits some more. As soon as the TV or the lights go off, he’s trotting to the bedroom and jumping on the bed. If one of us is going to stay up, the other only has to say “let’s go to bed”, and not only is he off to the bedroom, but so are about 3 others. LOL

    I’ve thought many, many times how boring life would be without my dogs. They make me laugh every single day. I can’t stay sad for very long with them around! πŸ™‚

  13. How adorable your family is. We are truly blessed to have animals of all kinds in our lives – it definitely makes the journey more fun.
    Have a great day

  14. Hey your entrecard is on my blog today so I thought I would quick being lazy and comment πŸ™‚

    I have never had any pets other than fish and they are not much fun at all. Although they are nice to look at.

    With a post like this I can definitely see the appeal of having a little furry buddy πŸ™‚

  15. Awesome quote, great photos, and a lovely post! Always a pleasure to stop by your blog. πŸ™‚

  16. Animal knows not what love is literally, but they sure give love unconditionally. It is a great joy to have them. I have seen how they brought joy to their owners. There is something which I have to let you know. Sam must be very happy to have you too.

  17. Wow, what a tranquility and harmony, this has reminded me of my good times, when my German Shepard was around, the most intelligent dog in the universe and my cat with a funny name – Hannifa. I must say that only by reading your blog I already feel better.

  18. Pugs always have to try and find the most comfortable spot…I raised pugs, my “Buffy” passed away and it broke my heart and for some reason I’ve been even avoiding looking at pug pictures, it tears me up inside, she was 11yrs old…Good luck with pugs and may God be with you and them…;)

  19. So delightful! And healthy advice too! Laughter does so much for health and well-being….its benefits cannot be overstated.

  20. Sooo cute!

  21. Great posts. Great read. Keep posting. Thanks for sharing.

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