Dear Ones,
When I began my work on this blog I didn’t know where I wanted it to go. I wanted it to come out of my studio which is the life and heart of my home because I am in here with my animals, overlooking the garden and the natural world, it is the place where I am closest to my heart’s truest desires, my soul’s purpose, what I want to create and do and share with the world, and most importantly, I want to be of service to the world.
I shyly stepped into this, and I have shared my thoughts and feelings, things that inspire me, resources I would love to share with others about creativity and life, and I have started to put pieces of my work and my book here, and every day I discover new things, and everyday my work, my life, this blog, my goals, dreams, and work shapeshift.
My work also wants to be about transparency and truth. This blog has been going since 2007 and to date, now, has had over 350,000 readers come through the doors of my virtual cottage, an extension of my home, and what people seem to have appreciated most is the fact that I share my imperfections, struggles, and yes, sometimes pain and fear, but always try to focus on the alchemy of transcendence, taking all of those things and opening up to, trying to cross the bridge into all that is possible.
I am working on finishing a book (the first of at least 2 I hope to get out this year), creating eCourses, and private sessions, offering, most of all, a space for deep listening. People talk and are talked at, but they seldom, I believe, have the opportunity to open up, perhaps be helped and guided, gently, into opening up, and in sharing those parts of themselves that they have not been able to freely reveal without judgment, and with encouragement to be themselves, fully, to celebrate those things, and to find a way to form a life around them that brings joy and peace and fits them even if nobody else understands. This is the heart and soul and core of my work. Eventually I want to offer so much more, a community, and my dreams are so much bigger than that, but I, like those who travel this journey with me, must needs take small steps at a time.
I would love to hear from you if any of this has meaning to you, if you have any thoughts, if you are interested in this work, because I am planning on giving a half dozen free phone sessions to those people who are really interested in experiencing what I do and are willing to share it with others so that I can help those that I work with, and ask them to pass the word along, but also so that I can truly see if what I want so much to offer has meaning and validity in this world. I have to make a living like everyone else, but I need, in my deepest heart, to know that I can help others.
If you are interested in working with me in these free sessions please write to me at: and tell me why. Write from your heart and that place inside of you that needs to be heard. I really want to know. I really want to be of service, and I really want to spread the message that I am not just here trying to sell something, but to be a soft place for people to land, and feel safe, to find comfort, and the ability to fully share their truth and find a partner in the journey toward the life they have always wanted to live. I can’t do that for you, but as a teacher, a healer, a minister, and more, I believe that I am more than amply qualified to be your partner in this journey.
I hope that I can assist you. I hope that what I have to offer is something that will matter in your life and help you on your path. It is something that I want, more than anything, to accomplish with my work in this life, I believe that it is my deepest purpose, and I offer it from a compassionate heart, with all that I have to give.
I hope to hear from you, and because I am in the United States and English is my language, I offer this to women in the United States (I can also call Canada and some few countries for free with my phone so do ask if you are outside the US) who speak English only.
Thank you dearhearts…
With Love,

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