“365 Days of Mindfulness” [Day 62] The Truth Of The Moment Is In Accord With All Things…

The truth of the moment is in accord with all things. This phrase came to me as I was preparing to write this piece, wanting, again, to share the beauty of the pink orbs that fill my life here at Dragonfly Cottage and which I photograph nightly. The truth statement came because I realized that writing about “Angel Orbs” at the same time I am starting a new business is something that some have perhaps felt ill-advised but I believe in the truth in every moment as we see, feel, hear, touch, taste, and experience it. The beauty of this experience has so opened my heart and expanded my spiritual awareness, has deepened my intuitive gifts and expanded the energy of everything that I am doing so much that it is palpable, it is part of who I am and part of the work that I do. Again, it is not my desire or intent to try to convince anyone of anything. I am merely sharing what for me is pure, unadulterated joy of such magnitude as I have never known in my life until now. It is exquisite.

It has also made me wonder, as I write about my own experience, how many people experience things that are, while unexplainable in terms of ordinary, everyday experience, deeply meaningful to them, and yet they feel that they cannot talk about them. When this happens we are closing the door on the great mysteries that we may experience or witness in this life. How sad not to share our joy, our wonder, our exultation over these miracles. The world needs more miracles, even quiet miracles that happen in our own back yard.

Each night I walk outside with the dogs and as they mosey around and about I am so happy to be out again under the moon and the stars, and in the company of angels. It is difficult to explain and what I am about to say will take what I have written previously a step further but for those who still think it is some kind of trickery of camera doings or atmospheric conditions, dust, or insects I can tell you that dust does not pulse like a heart, growing larger and receding again, larger and smaller drawing back almost out of the frame and filling it again. I am communicating with these beautiful spirits. I can now ask questions and get yes or no answers.

There. I said it.

Again, I repeat, I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, I am simply so full of wonder, so struck by awe and overcome by, what for me, are miracles, that I simply wanted to share the delicate beauty, the mystery, the magic that I am experiencing. There may be many reasons that this is happening, right here, right now, to me, and my pugs, and the wild animals here at the cottage in the night, but for me it is simply a blessing, glad tidings for a little place in the woods where a woman does her work quietly and goes about her day praying, meditating and writing. It is a gift, and I am grateful.

When I speak to my students about mindfulness I want them to know that it is not just about slowing down, and breathing deeply into the moment at hand, but it is being fully present to all that is in our life right now. If you are reading this are you taking the time to fully open yourself to your whole life and everything around you, right where you are? Are you accepting, without judgment, everything that comes your way as the miracle that it is?

All of life is a miracle. The bird at the feeder, a child jumping rope, the elderly woman across the street bending down to smell a rose in her garden, the woman sitting next to you on the bus, the lady who checks you out at the grocery store, every single one of us and every single thing that you touch, taste, see, feel, hear, smell, and experience is a miracle. Every single day, every single thing, a miracle.

What I want, what I hope, what I pray for, is that all beings may know that the world is so much larger and so much more beautiful than we have been allowed to know with news media in every direction focused on war, poverty, and all the ills of society. These things will always exist and I pray, each day, for all of those who are affected, but at the same time I am calling out for more focus on the beauty of the world because despite it all there is still so much. I pray that love will be spread and candles will be lit and hearts may be lightened by gladness, by sweetness, and by joy. What if every day you took a joy walk, you just kept walking until you found something that made your heart leap with joy. Maybe it would be a ladybug teetering on the end of a blade of grass. Maybe it would be seeing a little girl taking her very first ride down the street on her bike with NO training wheels! Maybe it would be seeing someone whom you judged, at first glance, to be other than who they really were only to see them open like a flower before your eyes. That is the miracle that happens when you are so deeply present that you see straight through the physical form to the heart of every man, woman and child you meet. That is the pinnacle of mindful practice. That is God. That is Love.

In my life there have been miracles too numerous to count. I have given birth to three children. I was present at the birth of my first grandson. If ever there were miracles present every day it is the births of children everywhere. Or the birth of a wee puppy, kitten, foal, or watching a tadpole grow into a frog.

I plant a tiny poppy seed so small that you can barely see it and it grows into the most glorious flower which, when it goes to seed, may produce tens of thousands of seeds of its own. The loaves and the fishes.

I go to bed each night and wake up with four small pugs who were each rescued from terrible circumstances but who have come to give me so much love, and despite what they have been through in their little lives they are pure love through and through. It is a miracle to me that these creatures who some would consider “the least of these” have the purest, tenderest, most forgiving hearts. We could learn so much from the animals, and I pray they will one day be loved, and cherished, protected and respected as they deserve to be.

I believe in miracles, I believe in love, and I believe in my personal truth, and in yours, and his, and hers, and everyone’s. We need it, now, more than ever. Tonight I have shared mine with you.

With love,

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  1. I love, love, love hearing about not only your magical Dragonfly Cottage, but now also your magical visiting orbs. I am completely jealous of the experiences you are having with them. Thank you for sharing a little peek inside your world.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and a truly divine inspired post! Love to you.

  3. Life’s a miracle
    pink orbs or sunny blue sky
    open to the splendor


  4. Beautiful post. Trying to stay mindful in a hectic time right now.

  5. Thank you again for sharing such magical moments with us! I believe in those angel orbs and I delight in hearing about them and seeing the beautiful images. We desperately need to focus more on all the beauty and everyday miracles all around us….I know it’s something I will be actively looking for… Many blessings and miracles to you, Maitri, and to all.

  6. Thank you beautiful souls, thank you all so much…

    Tracy you are so welcome and lovie there’s nothing to be jealous of… 🙂 Get really quiet, and still, and open your heart, and marvelous miracles will appear right where you are. That is the beauty of life….

    Thank you Joan, and much love to you too… <3

    Darling Ka… Pink orbs, blue sky, all miracles… all. Take care tender sister… <3

    Sweet Valerie, hold the space for yourself right where you are. Do what you can do. Walk to a quiet place (Which some days could be a bathroom stall at work!) and close your eyes, relax your body, and just breathe for a few minutes. Something very simple can turn the tides of the time at hand. You are in my thoughts and heart and prayers dear one…

    Darling Donna… Thank you so much sweetie. I don’t get the newspaper and I cancelled cable tv. When they start doing all happy joyful news all the time I’ll reconsider. Until then I am guarding my energy against all the negativity to use in better ways. Plant some flowers, hug a tree, kiss a pug, read a book, there are just so many other choices, for me at least! 😀 Sending you a big warm hug…

    Love to you all…


    • I will keep trying! I have to be more mindful of being mindful! I find myself skipping ahead several moments, days, months or years – always with worry. I know it’s a waste, but it’s hard to redirect sometimes. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  7. Teresa Myszka says:

    Dearest Maitri, you are not only living in magical moments, but you’re absolute proof that magic in the Universe exists when you open your heart and Believe.
    You are so lucky to be experiencing these wonderful orbs, and we are so fortunate that you are so willing to openly share these moments with us. Thank you!

  8. The stillness makes you so open and available to the messages around you. This is such magic – and how lucky we are you are sharing it with us.

  9. Dear Teresa, it is truly a magical time indeed…

    My dear friend Jeff was here today and he was looking at the pictures and said he wasn’t surprised because there are so many changes in my life right now and he believes, as I do, that they are angels, and are here supporting me through this time. Too, they fill his mother’s house since the tragic death of her grandson that she was raising. He was murdered in front of her house and it devastated her as you can imagine. He was only 12. Her house has been filled with them ever since.

    There is so much more here in our world than most people take time to see, and sometimes we are blessed with gifts along the way that lift us up just when we need it most. I am so happy to share these photos, and happier still that they have meant so much to so many people.

    Blessings and love to you dearheart.


  10. Dear Cathryn,

    For a long time I was afraid to share them. So many people don’t understand and I was very shy about it. Too, it has been such a powerful, transformative experience that it felt really private. But I am so glad that I decided to share them because they have meant a lot to a lot of people. I believe not only that they should be shared but that we really need to know that these beautiful spirits are here, present with us, even if you can’t see them, especially at this time in our world when so many painful things are happening. I am very happy that they have meant something to you, it is magic indeed…

    Blessings to you dearheart,


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