Yes I Feel As Ghastly As I Look! Toothaches Suck! And Hurricane Irma Is Headed This Way!

Oy Vey! Not just my tooth hurts but the whole side of my jaw/face hurts. I have to go to therapy today and I’m taking my ice bag with me. Thankfully the clinic called me this morning and can get me in to see the dentist tomorrow at 4. I will just have to hang on but yegods this hurts. The whole side of my head hurts. This can’t be a good thing!

I am not one of those glamorous bloggers but I’m doing my best. Through rain, sleet, snow, shine or toothache I will keep up with the September Blogging Challenge With Effy. And it’s not as if this is the only thing going on, oh no, Hurricane Irma is headed our way. I am somewhere between praying, “Please God, let her turn out to sea!”, flat out denial, and preparing for the worst. After therapy today I am getting gas in my car, a prescription refilled, some food and oh yes certainly some wine, and I have to get in extra jugs of water. I have good flashlights, and I am racking my brain for what else I might need. I think I will be spending a lot of time in my big chair with my blanket and pugs, a book, and the ice bag. I wonder if I could carry it with me into Costco today? I’m not sure I can ZenDoodle my way out of this one. It’s good for so much but I don’t think it covers toothaches and hurricanes!

Then there’s the matter of the dangling limb. I have already tried to get through to the tree service today but can’t get past a busy signal so far. One of the things about my yard is that it is beautiful because of the big old trees. And the big old trees also keep me terrified through every hurricane and tropical storm that comes through. There is a HUGE tree that overhangs my deck and currently there is a rather sizable branch hanging down that I think needs to come down. It could fall between the deck and the fence but if it fell ON the fence and took part of the fence down the dogs could get out. This is one of my biggest fears in life, something happening to my fence so my dogs could get out. But it is positioned to fall, at least it looks this way, BETWEEN the deck and the fence. I may just have to pray a lot over this because good luck having any tree guy in town free to take a branch down — it’s hanging down from high up — a couple of days before a Hurricane may hit here in Wilmington, NC, when people all over town are probably having every tree taken down that looks iffy. Could you send my trees a few prayers? And my tooth too?

Lordy I have to get dressed to go to therapy now. I’ve been in such raggedy shape lately that my poor therapist does the best she can to patch me up each week but this week with me and my icebag and a hurricane on the way she’s got her work cut out for her. She’ll just have to do the best she can.

I hope wherever you are you are not in the path of a hurricane, I hope all your teeth are happy, and I hope your nerves are better than mine. Mine struggle on the best of days. This is not a great one. I’ll just take my meds and do my best…

Love to each of you, and stay safe, wherever you are…


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  1. Awww I hope you get some help with that pain. It sucks big time! And oh that Irma. My family lives down there directly in it’s path. I can only surround them with Love and protective angels. I hope you can find water and the supplies you need. Of course getting that branch down too.
    I lived in Fla for 47 years and we didn’t get direct hits during that time. I hope the storm goes out to sea and becomes a fish storm for sure. I will be thinking about you and hoping you feel better. Hugs

    • Thank you so much Jean, you are very kind, and I hope your family stays safe too. These are scary days for all of us in the path of a hurricane and all we can do is prepare. I did all of that, got in everything I possibly could, and now, other than going to the dentist tomorrow I am going to stay home and batten down the hatches and pray! May we all be safe, wherever we are… <3

  2. Oh, wow. Our fires and smoke are far more predictable than Irma. I’m sending mighty prayers to those trees and lots more to you and your #@! tooth and the puggles who adore you.

    • Thank you so much dear Cathryn. I got to therapy where my therapist gave me a cold bottle to hold on my jaw — I forgot my ice bag! — and then I got the bank, got the car filled up — it took forever, the lines were miles long it seemed! — got food, 10 jugs of water for the dogs and I, dog food, a car charger for my iPhone in case we lose power. I’ve done everything I can. And the pharmacist when I got my meds refilled told me to take 4 ibuprofen every 6 hours until the worst passes with my tooth, and I got severe pain oragel which he said would help and it is, some any way. So I’ve got everything I can now but pray and I’m doing plenty of that. Thanks so much for writing, it’s good to feel you here… <3

  3. Oh…woooowwww…that’s an overloaded plate you’ve got there. I hope they get your tooth fixed up tomorrow and get the pain to recede quickly. And I’m praying for the hurricane to turn away and die at sea.

    Take care and please keep us updated! ❤

    • Thank you so much dear Kim, my plate does feel very full indeed but I spent the afternoon after therapy doing hurricane preparedness, getting everything I need in for the dogs and I, I got ibuprofen and pain gel for my tooth until I can get to the dentist tomorrow, I’ve done all that I can. I will keep you update and thank you so much for your prayers and for just being there. It means more than you could possibly know… <3

  4. Victoria SkyDancer says:

    Prayers on the way for your tooth and your tree branch. 🙂 Everyone freaks out over earthquakes in Cali, but most of the time they’re no more than quick foot massages. Hoping Irma stays out to sea!

    • Thank you so much sweet Victoria, you are so dear to write, it really means a lot. I see the dentist tomorrow and until then the pharmacist told me to take 4 ibuprofen every 6 hours and I got severe pain oragel which is helping some. And I did all my hurricane preparedness stuff today so I’m as ready as I can be. After I go to the dentist tomorrow I’ll be battening down the hatched and tucking in. This hurricane is the worst they’ve seen, worse than Harvey so we’re scared but prepared and praying Irma veers out to sea or at least the worst of it. Take care honey. I think of you so often. I hope you and your hubby and the Queen Mum are doing well…

  5. we’re praying down here in talla, just like you are. i’m doing protective goddess dances all over my yard and begging the universe to save paradise. right now, this very moment, tho, i still have a few days before the possible wrath of irma. i want to sit and look out my window, or go out and sit in my porch rocking chair, and pet my cat….walk along my garden trails…. my cat is praying too in his own tomcat way, saying “I like things just the way they are!”
    i especially worry about my mother-planted grapefruit tree, that 14 years after her death, bears a bumper crop of sweet tart juicy fruit, what if hurricane irma…? It just brings back the buddhist belief that everything… is transient.

    hoping for the best, and especially sending magic prana for your sore tooth/jaw


    • Thank you so much sweet Ka, I pray for you down in Tallahassee, I worry about you, and I hope all of you and your beloved grapefruit tree come through safely. Today after therapy I got some pain remedies for my tooth until I can see the dentist tomorrow, went to the bank, filled the car up with gas, bought 10 jugs of water for the dogs and I, and got dogfood and food for me and a car charger for my phone because I didn’t have one because I seldom go anywhere but if we are out of power long I’ll need to, inotherwords did everything I could and after I go to the dentist tomorrow I am going to just batten down the hatches and hunker down. I worry about my trees because my property is so pretty with lots of big old trees but when hurricanes come through they are surely a worry. May we both be safe. Text me now and again to let me know you’re okay. I love you honey… <3

  6. Seems like when it rains it pours for sure. How sad that you have such a bad tooth ache and problem going on. And even worse is that they could not have gotten you in today that is totally ridiculous, ridiculous I say…………. I am praying to the tree Gods for you and to anyone else that will listen enough is enough. Time for some peace and healing. Sending you warm hugs and prayers….JIM

    • Oh dear sweet Jim thank you so much honey. You are so kind. I tell you it has been a real pileup here but I got to therapy today, got some pain remedies until I can get to the dentist tomorrow — they’re helping some — I got dog food and food for me and gas in the car and 10 jugs of water and everything I could think of. I hurt and I’m scared and I’m praying hard that we’ll be safe. Knowing that you are there helps more than you will ever know. Thank you so much honey. Love and a gentle warm hug to you… <3

  7. Suzanne Eller says:

    I’m a good bit farther inland, Hickory, but I am also praying Irma spares NC. I can’t imagine how you must be feeling in Wilmington. I hope you get antibiotics for your tooth before she hits. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Thank you so much Suzanne, at least you should be fine in Hickory. We’ve been through some bad ones here but this looks like it could be the worst yet, I am SO praying she turns out to sea. But I have done all my hurricane preparedness and I’m praying, what else can we do. Blessings to you and thank you for your kind thoughts…

  8. Tooth aches are the worst! I hope you get into your dentist soon and they can relieve the pain. Sending healing vibes. I hope Irma dodges you too. Sending lots of safety vibes.

    • Thank you so much Abby, I am seeing the dentist at 4 today thank God. I so appreciate your good thoughts and safety vibes too. That is so important now. Blessings to you dearheart…

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