Wisdom From Southern Gardeners ~ Elizabeth Lawrence and Felder Rushing…

“If it’s miffy, let it go.”
~ Elizabeth Lawrence, A Southern Garden ~
Oxypetalum, ‘Heaven Born,’ one of the
truly breath-taking little plants that does
grow beautifully in our southern climes…
“Lilacs don’t do ‘South’ very well — at least most don’t. Whenever someone disputes this general observation, the plant nearly always turns out to be small, scraggly, sparsely flowering, and only faintly fragrant. I can understand Americans wanting to ‘make’ something work (whether or not it makes sense), and the horticulturist in me says, ‘Here’s how we can give it a try, by modifying all sorts of conditions.’ But the gardener in me wonders why we insist on trying borderline plants from another region when we have stuff that other folks in other parts of the country would all but kill for in their own gardens?”
~ Felder Rushing, Tough Plants For Southern Gardens ~
Hibiscus Moschuetos which perennialize here and come
back year after year, bigger and bigger, positively
show-stopping, with no effort at all…

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