Tiptoeing Into The New Year…


I am tiptoeing into the new year. No bells or whistles, I let the old year slip out and the new year glide in at midnight and sat quietly with my pugs, knitting and easing my way into this space, a new cloud of moments into days, and now a week since the ball dropped in Times Square, and nothing visible or tangible has changed, and I have not made new year’s resolutions — the bane of the bipolar person, something to lunge toward and fall back out of disappointed in oneself and there’s quite enough of that as the year goes along as it is — no, just a gentle tiptoeing into the year as it turns, one into the other, with ease and grace.

I did, however, choose a *word* for the year as people are doing these days. My word is CALM. This is an important word for me because when my bipolary bits and parts get their knickers in a twist I get all discombobulated and panicky and anxious and can find my innards slamming up against the walls of my being, and this is a terrible state to find myself in. I had one emergency session with my therapist a couple of months ago when this happened and I really don’t want to end up in that shape again. At my last session on the 30th of December she gave me a phrase to use to calm myself with my breathing. It is, “I am calm, centered, present, and at peace.” It is on a post-it note on my computer and I look right at it and repeat it many times a day. This is what I want in 2016, an air of calm around all that I do.

Each day this past week has been a step forward into the new year slowly, and calmly, with velvet moments collecting in the basket I carry through the hours, laying softly against one another as I breathe my way through, picking up my knitting and working several rows on my bamboo needles, my little pugs snuggled up against me snorting and snuffling and snoring and I slide my hand over their silken fur. I go back to my knitting, clickety clack go the needles, bright pink yarn grows in a pile on my lap, and I try to think back over the past year but it has already slipped out of my grasp, as moments do when you stay in the present one and live it fully. I don’t need to do a review of 2015, I only need to center myself in each moment at it comes in 2016. This moment, this one, this one, allowing them to find their place and glide past, a tapestry woven by the hour. 2016 has come in like a lamb and my word *calm* eases its way like a fine oil greasing the wheels. C*A*L*M. An easement for the hours, a glissando for the days.

The holidays are over now but my tree is still up. It’s an artificial one — something I thought I’d never have — and I haven’t put it up because I am enchanted by the blinking lights, alternating between all white, and colored. I know I will have to take it down eventually but I’m in no hurry. It makes my studio feel festive and is full of memories of the wonderful days leading up to Christmas and just after, sitting in here listening to Celtic Woman’s Christmas concert as I wrapped gifts, knitting and writing and finishing the January issue of Pastiche that went out last weekend, the tree sat blinking and smelled lovely from the pine essential oil I sprinkled over it. Now it is a memory tree and the sweetness lingers here even as I move forward through the days of this new year.

I have written in the past about what I called “The Thanksgiving To New Year Holiday Slide” when the days around the holidays were very hard for me because my schedules and routines were all scattered bits here and there with all of the holiday goings on, but this year my therapy has really helped me settle and I took each day as it came and cherished each moment and I had the loveliest Christmas I’ve had in a very long time. And 2 days after Christmas we had the most delightful baby shower for my youngest child, my son Aaron, and his lovely wife Stephanie, and it was something I’d not known existed until now, a “gender reveal” shower. Even the parents didn’t know the sex of the baby. At their last doctor visit before leaving to come home for Christmas the doctor did an ultrasound and discovered the sex of the baby. The new tradition is that he puts it in a sealed envelope which the kids carried home and it was taken to the bakery where the petite fours, with white icing outside, had the color of the baby’s sex inside. We all bit into it at once and everybody squealed on seeing the blue icing inside, “It’s a BOY!” Tears and laughter and such joy in abundance just filled the room and our fourth grandson was announced. It seems our family can’t produce a girl! But boys are just fine and we are all delighted.

So here we go, into the new year, the out of towners have gone home, a new baby boy is on the way, and we are all finding our way into 2016 in our own homes in our own way. Mine will be lived calmly as best I can, and I hope yours is full of peace, I hope this post finds you centered and present in these newly minted moments, and I wish you all the joy a new year can bring. Let’s slip into the hours ahead of us as if slipping into a pool of water, and glide, glide, glide our way through…




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  1. Susan Phelps says:

    My dear Maitri,
    Once again, your words spoke volumes to me! This past year, I have fought my battle with anxiety and found that depression was its root. I have been widowed almost a year now, and though I miss Harry and he will always be a part of my heart, I have continued to move forward, in fits and starts, because it’s who I am by nature and what he wanted me to do. I thought when he died, that I would simply turn by magic into the single woman that I was for so many years before we met. But, as I learned this past year, I am not her anymore. I am someone new, changed by life, continuing to grow, evolve, change. I have learned (and with the help of medication) to accept these changes and the anxiety that I have felt. And, I’ve met and fallen in love with a wonderful man, who is sweet, kind, thoughtful, and loving. He is what my heart and soul need, and I’m learning, as you are, too, to be mindful and live in today’s moments, without worry or fear about what may or may not lie ahead! And Harry would be pleased, because he knew very well, that the independent woman I am, craves friendship, closeness, and passion in life, even if at the time, I didn’t know that of myself. I am so happy for you, that you are finding your way, too. That thought makes me glad!

  2. Dear Maitri,

    This was the most incredibly calming post and your writing is lovely. After all the hype about making this the ———- year ever (best, wealthiest, most productive) your idea totally resonates with me. Calmness. Being present. Breathing quietly in and out. Leaving up the Christmas tree because the twinkling lights are so cheerful on winter evenings. I have depression and occasional anxiety. My son has bipolar, anxiety, and temporal like be epilepsy which causes psychosis. He is doing really well right now and I am so happy for him. I am in a lot of pain right now because I need a knee hip and a new knee, both on the same leg. So I am waiting until my February appointment, knitting by the fire, doing my foot soaks with Chinese herbs, doing qi gong seated, clearing my calendar, lining up help, and calmly waiting. I will be thinking about you as I knit.

  3. Oh my gosh Maitri, you sound just like me. I have never made resolutions and actually don’t feel the big fuss about a new year starting…just because the year date has changed, so what? It’s still just another day. And I almost choked when I read your word for the year. I have never done that either, but decided to do it and guess what my word was? You got it…calm. Like you, all I want is to be as calm as possible. I have been repeating this word over and over the past few days. I feel like we are long lost sisters…haha. Love your writing and love your spirit.

  4. Valerie Hathaway says:

    I think my word for this year is “blessed”. I always had a problem with gratitude, so this is a good place to start. This year has been pushed as a year of action and moving forward (I think mainly because this is an election year in the US), but it causes me great anxiety and I still need to work on combating that fear. Therefore I’m starting with feeling blessed for what I have and go from there.

  5. Lynn Heritage says:

    This is so beautiful, Maitri. Thank you for sharing your life in all its reality. I hope you realize how much it helps those of us who struggle with our own demons. You give me hope and insight into my own attempts to simply keep on keeping on. Sending you hugs, peace and love.
    My word for 2016 is: Imagine.

  6. Happy New Year to you too!
    I am so glad you found a way to feel calm and at ease. I am wishing you all the best for 2016.

  7. Thank you so much dearhearts for your incredibly kind words and thoughtful sharing. We are all on our way into this new year, starting from where we are, tenderly and tentatively stepping out into each day and hoping for the best. May each of you, may everyone, find love, peace, and happiness in the year ahead, full of grace, and the fullness of an open heart.

    Warm Regards and Deepest Blessings to all,


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