The Power Of Listening To Your Heart…


“It’s impossible,” said pride.
“It’s risky,” said experience.
It’s pointless,” said reason.
“Give it a try,” whispered the heart.

I read that quote online as I began the first pages of the zine I mentioned in the last post. I’m now about to do the 8th page, it is set up and will go out in eBook format in a PDF on September 1, and the pages are beautiful, each one stands on it’s own. It makes no sense to most people to do a zine because it is not typically, or in fact rarely ever, a money making venture, and this one will be very modestly priced, $18 for 6 bi-monthly issues, $5 for a single copy, and it will be thick, and colorful, and lush, and I believe delightful. In the first year subscribers will get all 6 issues from #1 on so that I can balance my energies against seeing whether it deserves a second year and meeting my obligation to my readers.

Imagine the pages so far that go from reflections when looking in the mirror, a piece that I write about my own life as well as offering a journal exercise to my readers — there will be a lot of journal exercises offered as I taught journal classes for 40 years and have kept one myself since I was 9 — to the “Oatmeal For Breakfast Club,” to thoughts on feeling alone, and one on why there are no ordinary days. These are some of the first pages and there will be a lot of them, a thick little book that can be printed out. I am not publishing these at this juncture in a book format because I like to design very colorful pages and it is expensive to print books in color. I have so much in the works and I am over-the-moon delighted.

When I get up my nerve — I have a room full of paintings that I have done and I’ve never just felt right about opening a shop — I can offer my paintings for sale in the back of the zine. I intend to create ecourses and other bits and delights I might sell and hope that those can supplement the zine income. It all means the world to me because it is my way, not just to try to earn an income, but to spread love, and joy, and tenderness in the world that so badly needs it. I have a motto that is up in my office, on my art wall I have written “Each one, reach one, and love, always love.” That is what my heart longs to do with this Compendium of Delights & Surprises that I have named “Pastiche,” for all the beautiful and varied bits that will come as one page meditations, or joyful, fun pieces to read. I can’t save the world but I can perhaps make it a gentler place for some, and if we each do our part what a wonderful place this would be.

 I have had 3 other small presses in my life. My current press is Dragonfly Cottage Press, and I will produce other little eBooks through it. As I started creating these pages I sunk into such a deep space of peace and joy, I was home, this is what I most love doing, creating little books someone can curl up with and sip tea or coffee and find a sense of ease and delight in it’s pages, maybe pull out a journal or a sketchbook and move into their own creative streams. Can you just imagine it? I am dreaming and writing my way through the days now that I have come home to what I love most to do. I need to be able to add art and quotes and thoughtful things and funny little pieces that make me laugh (The oatmeal page will be an ongoing feature! Below is a little preview.).


Every page is different, different colors and artwork, different fonts and a different mood and experience. You can sit with each page alone, read them in any order, print them out and cut out pages to put in your journal, so many things will be possible with this eBook format that I am very excited!

It might seem impossible, risky, or pointless to some but I know in my heart it is exactly what I am meant to do and will lead to things I cannot begin to imagine. From my studio in my little cottage that is all I need to know. I hope you will join me with my little venture. I am bursting with excitement and looking so forward to bringing it to you. Soon there will be a page up on the site to subscribe with more details about how the whole thing will work. Onwards and upwards, following my heart all the way!


If you enjoy this blog a donation would be deeply appreciated to help me continue to bring “Maitri’s Heart” to you. Thank you, and many deep blessings to one and all…


  1. Karen Surratt says:

    Um-m-m . . . aw-w-w, Maitri, this is just so utterly DELIGHTFUL!!! So, magically INSPIRATIONAL!!! So-o-o, wonderously brimming with the Creative-Adult-Equalling-The-Surviving-Child aroma!! A Zone — how very clever!! Count me in!!

    Oh, ugh, I put apple bits / raisins / cinnamon / chca seeds / hemp heart seeds in my oak meal. Almond milk and raw honey!! <3 🙂

    • Karen Surratt says:

      Auto-spell changed Zine to Zone. Chia seeds, not cha. Oat not oak. 🙂

      • Ha ha ha Karen, auto correct will be the death of us yet! So funny! And thank you so much for your comments, they meant the world to me! I will love having you part of the zine journey, it will be wonderful! And so are you! <3

        • The funniest autocorrect I’ve seen is when my daughter texted her husband that their friend was taking her to a warehouse and autocorrect changed it to Whorehouse. (I had to capitalize it because my autocorrect wouldn’t accept the word and kept changing it to Whole-House.)

  2. Brava! I can’t wait! I love blueberries, walnuts, raisins and a drop of light cream in my oatmeal…yum.

    Wishing you all the joy and blessings of this beautiful day!☀️

    Sending you love and hugs ?

    • Donna your oatmeal sounds wonderful! Yummy! Thank you so much for your loving, supportive comments, and love to you too! 😀

  3. P.S. I eat my oatmeal with almonds and blueberries.

    • Oh that sounds so good Diane, almonds and blueberries! I’ll have to try that! Isn’t oatmeal wonderful? I just love mine. 😀

  4. Olive Appleby says:

    Can’t wait for the zine. Thanks for your comment on Facebook. I think it’s a wonderful idea a nod if you feel it’s right, then it’s right. And I absolutely adore the name, so chic just like yourself. You’re rockin’ as usual. Much love
    Olive. X

    • Thank you so much Olive honey, you are so dear, and yes it feels very right. And thank you so much about the name, I love it and it is just a perfect fit for what I’m doing.

      Take care love,

      Maitri 🙂

  5. I’m in the Zine queue. Just say when! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Victoria! I will be delighted to have you in this community and see what you think of it. I am loving it, it is a dear little publication to me. It will be here by Sept. 1 or before!



  6. The zine sounds wonderful, and I know it will brighten and lighten many souls!!Yes, always listen to your heart, whether it makes sense to anybody else or not (actually it doesn’t always even have to make sense to us at the time!). I love my oatmeal not too thick, with brown sugar and cinnamon, and once in a while with fresh berries!

  7. I love seeing zines made by people of all ages! The zine community seems mostly teen to 30 and not as welcoming of older voices as it should be, IMO. I made my first comic zine at age 45 and felt like I should be ashamed of my age. But it was so much fun to make! I keep meaning to do another one; you’ve given me the push to get back at it.

    • Oh yes Any, DO YOUR ZINE! Mine begins to feel more like a little journal but it is certainly a zine in spirit and I just love them. Don’t wait, just jump in and DO IT! How did you sell yours? Did you try etsy? I’m going to sell here on the site but I think also on etsy or other similar places. Onwards and upwards!



      • I actually tabled at a zine convention, though sold only a couple of them there. Most I gave away or traded with friends. If I do make more, I’d like to open an Etsy shop. Thanks for the encouragement!!

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