The Odyssey of the Human Body…

From birth to death our physical bodies are on a journey that we are aware of, but not consciously thinking of every moment of every day. We slide along the spectrum almost imperceptibly, with some particular awakenings along the way. There are markers, especially for a newborn and in those first few years where if you miss a day of a baby’s life you may have missed quite a lot. In those first five years each year is an enormous milestone with leaps in growth.

We see, in the years ahead, that from year to year, up to five years old, and then from five to ten, there are still progressive leaps that are quite noticeable, but subtler. As the years go on we count in decades. From the first dawn of teenage years until one crosses the threshold over into their twenties so much is happening physically, emotionally, mentally and otherwise, it’s near impossible to chart the course, and then things become subtler. We begin to count in decades, not years.

The twenties are a tumultuous time when you are trying to discover who you really are, what you want to do with your life and you worry you won’t do it right, and you feel you have the weight of the world on your shoulders to make all of the right decisions. I feel so tender and protective about those in their twenties when they, again, are like newborns trying to find their sea legs. I think the twenties are a hard time. I want to say, “Relax, life is big, the choices you are making now are not cemented in stone and you will change your mind many times along the way. Follow your instincts, take care of your life as best you can, and you will find your way.”

In my experience, having had my first baby at 22 and my 3rd and last at 29, the decades following, the 30’s to the 40’s, were years ensconced in family life. The raising of the children, and many changes happen for the parents during these years. They grow along with their children. Somewhere, for most of us, sometime in our forties, our children began to branch off into their own lives. College, graduating and marrying or going into their career, doing myriad things as they find their way.

40’s hRD, 50’S A RELIEF and a homecoming

the body begins to change and morph into something else but the mind, the spirit, deepen, expand, grow enormously

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