The Experiment: Day 99 ~ In The Final Days Of 2017 I Will Be Preparing The Ground For The Year Ahead…

This is that time of year I will refer to as between-the-whiles. It is no longer Christmas and not yet the new year. One can kind of feel lost in these in between days. I am looking at them in a new way. Like the gardener who must prepare the soil, and fertilize it, make a fertile ground to plant the seeds for the garden to come, we must prepare for the new year and not just fall into it making resolutions we know we will never keep. This year I am preparing for the new year to come by spreading love everywhere I possibly can. I am making no resolutions. I am laying down tracks into the new year first by finding a way to give and send love every single day. Each day I will make a point of doing one perhaps small act of love. To do a kindness for another, to give someone a hug or a sweet kiss on the cheek, to offer a kind word for someone who needs it. In this way I know that the seeds that I plant in 2018 will grow beautiful and strong.

I am doing only two things going into the new year. I have, already, dedicated myself to the ketogenic lifestyle. It is my baseline for everything because in losing the weight and regaining my health I will come into myself stronger and more energetic and more able to take on the things I will be doing for years to come. This year is all about healing and loving myself and figuring out who I am and what the work is that I am meant to do. And then I am continuing my commitment to this blog experiment for the next 266 days. I think by the end of this year long blog experiment I will have an answer to a question I don’t even know now how to ask. I am prepared to be patient and let my life open up like the thousand petals of the lotus. And I have made a decision today that I have been thinking about for awhile.

I believe in God. I believe in the power of prayer. I believe that when we ask for answers they will be revealed. We might not understand the answers when they first come but gradually, like when one asks a question of the Magic 8 Ball an answer will float up slowly from the bottom. At first we cannot see it clearly, then, as it gets closer and closer, the answer is finally revealed. I prayed. I asked a question. It was about my mentoring work. I put the sessions on sale half price and waited the whole month and no one signed up. I am not sad or down about it, it is an answer, it is clear to me now that this is something I’m not meant to do at this moment in time. Today I removed the mentoring sessions from the website. I have opened a new path into the year ahead and I am just going to leave it open. I will not fill it quickly. It is a new day. I will start the new year lighter and more certain about what it is that I am not meant to do. That is a joyful thing because it makes so much space for what is meant to come. I am absolutely at peace about this.

I think the last days of the year are about clearing the decks, letting go of the things we’ve been holding onto for too long, making space so that the new things that are supposed to come into our lives have an opening to step into. I feel as light as air, free as a bird. I know in my heart that 2018 is going to be a phenomenal year, and I am greeting it with a heart wide open.

How will you prepare for the coming year? Take these next couple of days to see what you can let go of, what you’ve had enough of, and decide what you will do to prepare for the year to come. Gently, not some big over the top unattainable things, just things that will fit gently into your life and flow through your days. This is that magical time, in slow motion, from now until January 1, it is like that moment in The Wizard of Oz when the picture turns from black and white to full blown technicolor. I don’t know what will come into my life in the new year but I do know that I am committed to following the yellow brick road. There will be unexpected things, adventures, surprises, delights, scary times, and Good Fairies who will be with us all along the way. I will follow the yellow brick road and find, in the end, that there is indeed no place like home, and further I will really understand what my home, inside myself, is meant to be, in the years to come. I already know that I am the little woman behind the curtain, I am the Great and Powerful Oz which means I have it in my hands to create my own reality, we all do. Will you step onto the yellow brick road with me?

And I will ask something right now that I intend to ask here often. Who needs a little love today? Talk to me in the comments below and I will answer. I am here for you, now and always.


The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
Happiness: Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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  1. You are a great writer and your thoughts are an inspiration. Thanks for being you and your sharing of your experiences on the journey….

    • Thank you so much Kate, you are very kind. And it is my work to do just this, to share, with love, from an open heart. If I know nothing else in this life I do know that. Thank you so much for being here, it means the world to me. Blessings to you in the coming year…

  2. You are such a great person, Maitri. I am so glad I found your blog. Happy New Year!!!!

    • Thank you so much dear Marge, I’m so glad you found me too! It’s been delightful to have you part of this loving community of people. May we grow in numbers in 2018. Much love to you honey… 🙂

  3. On the road. Will respond to yr beautiful invitation to Walk the yellow brick road soon XOXO ka

  4. Hello Maitri! This was a wonderful, timely post for me. I really enjoy when I am in sync with the thoughts others float out into the air and I can catch them and find meaning. I am sitting drinking coffee, the snow is falling, and the dog is snoring (and so is my husband!) Yes, a very in-between time, but peaceful, and today full of hope. Thank you- so glad i found your experiment!

    • Thank you so much dear Lorraine, I’m so glad you’re here!! And it sounds like you are having a lovely morning. May the new year bring you many blessings, much love, and many more days of sleeping snoring puppies… 🙂

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