The Experiment: Day 83 ~ All You Need To Cheer You Up — Pigs & Pugs & Birds, Oh My!

Good morning gorgeous.

Posted by Esther the Wonder Pig on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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I kid you not, I have been so down the last couple of days I was a little worried, but as luck would have it I got on Facebook this morning and met Esther. It was love at first sight. I always dreamed of having a pig — can you imagine? Pigs & Pugs, what fun! — but I really am not set up to have a pig here and I really couldn’t physically handle a pig this size. But a girl can dream right?

I went from one hysterical video to the next, the first one being about her letting herself in the sliding glass door, going over and getting into her “bed” (A mattress on the floor with lots of covers for her to root around in which she loves) and then seeing her get comfy and go to sleep. I was smiling ear to ear. She is positively charming. I think if you can look at Esther and not feel happy there’s something missing in your life. The whole tenor of my day changed and I am so grateful.

Yes, I have become one of those people who shares cute animal videos on Facebook! Not tons of them but the ones that make me smile and make my heart swell up with love and joy. I do NOT watch animal abuse videos or sad animal videos because they make me so sad I can barely function. I have been involved in animal rescue most of my life. I have adopted 11 pugs from pug rescue. But I will not watch videos that make me cry. I am not sticking my head in the sand, I am protecting my heart. But you’ve just got to go to Esther’s Facebook page if you want a smile. I swear, she just made my day!

And I have to laugh as I type because while I have no pigs in the house my pugs are snuffling about with their little piggy snuffle sounds and they make me smile all day long. The secret to happiness? It’s having animal companions to love and share your life with.

I would love for you to write to me in the comments below and tell me about your animal companions. Who you live with and love, who has your heart, and if you follow any animals on Facebook let me know. I’d love to check them out!

Today is my busy day. I go to therapy and then to get my hair cut and then to the grocery store and Costco for meds and wild bird seed. It’s time to fill all the birdfeeders — I have several and they hang outside my studio windows, what a great delight it is watching the wildlings at my windows — and I feed them all winter long. I had stopped doing it after the fire, the feeders had been knocked down and everything on the deck was broken and in pieces from the firemen putting out the fire. But this year, as I really decorated for Christmas for the first time in 4 years, I am also getting the bird feeders up and I will keep them filled. Here are the windows that look out onto my deck where the bird feeders hang. This was before the fire…

Since I was a little girl it has been the animals that saved me. I don’t know how I would have made it through my childhood with my dogs, and there were birds and fish and hamsters and horses and more. During the worst of my bouts with depression as an adult it has been my animals needing to be taken care of that got me up and going. I used to live with many parrots but they died in the fire. Now it is the dogs and I and we wake up together every morning, get up and out into the fresh air, and get breakfast and start our day. And I get great joy looking at the sweet and funny animal videos on Facebook and I won’t apologize for that. I know there are jokes about people on Facebook who share videos of animals and babies and such. Well, I am one of them and I will continue to be!

What brings you joy in your days? What makes you smile? And do you feed the wild birds? Don’t they bring you joy if you do?

I just glanced down to my right and smiled. I snapped this picture just for you. It is 2 of my little pugs snuggled together in one of the beds, Delilah on the left, Tanner on the right. They remind me of “Pigs in Blankets” they are snuggled up so tight! Oh how I love them. I think I’m going to reach down and snuggle and kiss some pugs. It is a happy day today. Pug kisses will keep me going for a LONG while!

Happy Hugs & Sweet Kisses to you from the puggeries and I! Love your little ones and you can share pictures of them with me on Facebook! Send me a friend request if we’re not already friends and a note via Messenger that you have come from my blog so I can approve you! I’d love to see your babies and stay in touch!


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  1. i am a cat lover and have almost always had a cat or multiple cats. the other day my tom cat Georgie (a big orange striped ginger) who adopted us off the street (it was love at first sight for me) wasn’t at the door for breakfast and i did not see hide nor hair of him ALL DAY, which is MOST unusual. i got really sad. he’s been with us about 6 years now, and he follows me around and around the garden and greets my car when i drive up. anyway, i cried a few tears, then had to go to a Unitarian Winterfest, and when we got home at 9:30 pm, there was Georgie — the rascal — all cuddled up in his padded laundry basket! He seems to have gotten the catting around out of his system… for now. But with a cat, you never know!


    • Oh Katya you gave me a start! As I started reading this I was afraid you’d LOST Georgie! It gave me quite a scare! I was so relieved to hear that he’d come home. You know I love cats but I am highly allergic to them so I could never have one, but I think cats who go on “walkabout” would give me a nervous breakdown! I’ll stick to my pugs and our fenced yard! 😀

  2. Hello Dear Maitri, How about a miniature pig or what do they call them a pot belly pig…..Maybe???? We could make that happen for you. would have to have a place outside built but that is not out of the question…..mmmmmmm Do you think this would help you day to day? Nothing is impossible you know that……..Things can and do happen……What do you think about this…..??????Just a thought you know how I think……..Hugs..JIM

    • Oh my darling Jim, you are so sweet! You know those adorable tiny “pot bellied pigs” grow to about 70 pounds! They don’t stay tiny like that! I just couldn’t manage it. My pugs weigh 20-25 pounds and I can just about manage lifting them! I would never have an animal I couldn’t lift in case it got hurt or there was an emergency. I used to have big dogs. We had collies, we even had a Newfoundland who weighed over 150 pounds. I really do love big dogs. But I’m alone now and can only manage what I can lift! But it’s a fun idea. I’d have a BALL with it when it was little! But you are so sweet to think of me. You made me smile really big. You do that a lot! 😀

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