The Experiment: Day 80 ~ My Darling Little Dollar Store Christmas Tree (And On Having A “Cheap & Cheery” Christmas!)

Good Day Loves…

Yesterday I wrote that I would share my little Dollar Store Christmas Tree. I have one in my studio that was a gift from my dear friend Jeff in 2014 after the fire. But now there is this little 4′ tinsel tree from the Dollar Store in the front windows and I just love it. I love Christmas trees and it just makes for more magic in the house. I need a little skirt for the bottom but I’m still trying to figure out what to use.

You know one of the great pressures of the season has to do with money and the pressure people put on themselves to try to do it up big every year and spend more than they need to, or feel sad because they really don’t have much of anything to spend. Well I love the Dollar Store, I go every month and get things that I need, and it is perfect for Christmas. The inexpensive decorations they have are wonderful and affordable and there are all manner of things you can give for gifts there. I think having a Dollar Store Christmas is a fine thing. And I wanted to share something with you that I sent out to my mailing list a few Christmases ago. It’s something a friend shared with me decades ago and it always stuck with me. A fun way to do Christmas on-the-cheap! If you right-click on it and then click “Open image in a new tab” it should open in a window in a bigger size so it’s easier to read…

A dear friend of mine used to call once in awhile and ask me if I wanted to go out for a “Cheap & Cheery” dinner. That was fun and now I’m all about the “Cheap & Cheery Christmas.” Why not? And handmade items, and food items like my dear friend Bekah gives are wonderful things. Imagine having a beautiful jar of canned pears from her garden? Now there’s a delight. And then for those who are at a loss as to what to give your kids for Christmas I always liked this…

Isn’t that wonderful?

I have my 8 hour Christmas harp music going again today and I think tonight the pugs and I are going to tuck in early and watch a couple of Christmas movies. Tis the season. What are your favorite Christmas movies? I’d love to hear from you about that. One that I just found a couple of years ago and now it’s a favorite of mine (I even watch it once in awhile through the year because I love it so much!) is The Family Stone. I’m sure I’ll watch that one tonight and something else too I think.

And oh yes, you should make a “Bag of Delights” just for you for the holiday season. While you are doing for others, do a special little something for yourself too. Again, from one of my Christmas newsletters, Right-click on it and then click “Open image in a new tab” it should open in a window in a bigger size so it’s easier to read…!

I hope the holiday season is coming to you in its fullness, with all of the love, tiny joys, special times with dear ones, and more. I am sending you so much love, and I’ll be here with you everyday through the holidays. Share your thoughts and feelings and days as you go along, and if you need a little support write to me and I’ll leave you a loving note here. We all need to reach out and help one another, and we need it now more than ever.

May the spirit of the season be in your heart all year round…


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  1. What a happy, fun post!! I love the idea of all the little gifts in a favored color, and the 4 gifts idea as well. A few years ago, when I was struggling with creating a Christmas celebration without our parents, I decided I wanted Christmas stockings with old fashioned presents- nuts, clear hard candy, a little toy etc. It evolved into something fun to eat, socks, something silly to play with, and something small and useful. I also personalize small ornaments with name and year and attach to the stocking- the idea being each would have a little ornament collection eventually. Not sure each appreciates it- but I still do it. I also like the idea of a little “workshop” where you can wrap and sing. Such a balance in these holidays of what makes us happy as a giver and why we give, and to whom. It’s a beautiful day today. Thank you for sharing and for giving me a place to share, too.

    • Ah Lorraine how absolutely marvelous! I would love to have seen you and your family opening their lovely Christmas stockings. Stockings were a special part of my childhood Christmases and the ones we made for our children growing up but it’s been a long time since I had one, no one here to fill it up for me! The pugs kind of fall down on their duties! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year too! Sounds like they are magic in your house! 🙂

  2. That’s one of my favourite images, Snoopy decorating his dog house! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been away for the weekend and just catching up on your posts. I’m hoping to make gingerbread cookies tomorrow afternoon since two of my sons are coming over for dinner.

    Your little tree is delightful. I like most anything with sparkle and lights this time of year!

    • Hello Dear Joan, I hope you had a wonderful weekend trip! And yes, Snoopy and his little doghouse tree! And ah, gingerbread cookies, what a lovely memory, your boys will love them!

      And thank you, I love my dear little tree. You know some of the simple things I have now mean even more to me than the bigger more extravagant things did in Christmases past. Everything seems so much more, well, just as it should be somehow. I truly love Christmas, I am like a little girl at Christmas and this one will have it’s own kind of magic. Bless you honey, I hope your holidays are merry and bright… 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous cheery tree! It’s fun to do inexpensive and handmade things for Christmas. I mean, Christmas is not about commercialism, but just hope peace joy and a spirit of giving. Although we do have a grand tree in the living room that we bought with grandpa’s Christmas money he gave us, I have a special place I my heart for the cheap dollar store trees I put up too. One is about a foot and a half tall and that is a tree my mom bought for each if us children from the dollar store when we were kids. We would decorate these little trees and have them on our night stands the Christmas season. The second dollar store tree was Matt’s bachelor tree he bought for $4 from family dollar many years ago when we were just dating. It’s not a spectacular tree by any means, but it’s about 3.5 feet tall or so and I decorate it with ornaments from our childhood and the topper is recycled Christmas ribbon from packages. Once decorated it does make such a pretty little tree!

  4. Oh Bekah, not only is the tree in your living room STUNNING! but I absolutely LOVE that you and Matt both have little trees from your past, and YOU from childhood. It is so dear that you have them. And your whole house is always just magical at Christmas! I hope you and Matt have a wonderful Christmas filled with surprises and delights. Enjoy the holidays, they were just MADE for one such as you. It makes me happy just thinking of you twinkling through your days. Bless you honey, and a big big hug to you! 🙂


    Maitri 🙂

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