The Experiment: Day 69 ~ Ding Dong The Tooth Is Gone…

This will be a short post. At 8:00 this morning I went back to the dentist and had my bad molar pulled. I have been struggling with it for 2 1/2 months. I first wrote about it here, the issues of being in your sixties, having no insurance, and having a tooth that was so bad that they wanted to do a lot of expensive dental work and I just didn’t have the money. What I came to was essentially — and she had told me that they would do a root canal and  a crown but sometimes that didn’t work and they had to pull the tooth anyway, this after telling me she didn’t want to pull the tooth because I had already had the very back molar pulled 3 years ago and taking this one too would destabilize my teeth — was to go to the site I’d found online to try natural remedies to try to save the tooth myself, and at first, and for awhile, the oregano oil was amazing and all the pain was gone. But the last week or so things have not been good, and getting worse, and I didn’t have any choice. This morning the tooth came out.

And the thing is it’s one of these decisions we must make when we get older. I didn’t have the money for all of the expensive dental work and if I had been able to get it it would have perhaps been only the beginning. I’m 63, more things can happen with teeth the older you get and I surely cannot keep paying for more dental work. It had to come out, and out it came.

Right now my mouth is really starting to hurt. It’s kind of going, “WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED BACK THERE???” It is not amused. I have taken ibuprofen — I’m not big on the pain pills — and I think I will go watch Netflix with the pugs. That’s really all I’m up to right now. And I do want to thank the great many friends on Facebook who, when I wrote in saying I was afraid and asked for prayers, wrote to me and sent prayers and love and encouragement and support. It’s wonderful not to feel alone.

The deed is done, and so, for now, am I.


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  1. Sending healing energy to your sore mouth. <3

  2. Lynn Heritage says:

    Yaaayyyy!!!! It’s over! You survived! Tomorrow will be better! Aren’t you so glad this is behind you? For the rest of the day, take good care of your fantastic self and just do whatever you and the pugs feel like doing. Peace, my friend.

    • Thanks so much darling Lynn, yes, I survived! It’s over! And I don’t have any choice but to take it easy, there’s a hole back there that looks like it had a bowling ball in it! And they GAVE me the tooth and it’s huge! I’m so glad it’s over. I am really uncomfortable now but the mouth heals quickly, it won’t take long. I’m sending you a gentle hug dear Lynn, it’s so good to see you here…

  3. finding this amazing graphic when you are in pain is a wonderment to me.
    how do you do it?
    you are intrepid!
    sending love and healing to your mouth, and to every cell of you


    • Thank you dear Ka,

      Yes it was a perfect graphic. I use a few free sites where you can use the images for no charge and once in a blue moon when I can’t find one I like on those I go to the site where I have to pay $3. I rarely do that anymore but it’s there. And thank you so much for sending the healing, very potent from you, such a powerful healer. Right now I am really hurting but it will be better in a few days…

      Love you honey,

      M. xo

  4. Dear Maitri, I hope you feel better soon. You are so brave to have gone through this. I know the fear too and I give you a lot of credit. It is hard. Big hugs from me xxxoo❤️❤️

    • Thank you so much dear Jean. The hardest thing this morning was for me to get UP so early. I had to be there at 8 and it’s nearly a half hour drive from my house! Got up a little after 6:30 because I had to take care of the three dogs, get them out, feed them, give them meds and so on. I’m not usually up until 9:30! I don’t usually turn out the light until 1. But I slept from 4-7 this afternoon with the pugs and am now hoping the ibuprofen will kick in soon. And an ice pack! I’m sending you big hugs too. Thank you honey! 🙂

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