The Experiment: Day 49 ~ Quiet Days Of Contentment…

It is a perfect November day, rainy, overcast, cold, the kind of day that just makes you just want to hunker down and get cozy. I have my fireplace app going on my desktop, popping and crackling. Every morning when I come to the fire and turn it on I feel just like I built a fire in the fireplace, I love it, and it soothes me so much. And I SWEAR it makes me feel warmer! And the pugs are snuggled in close to me snoring peacefully.

Some days are not “set the world on fire” kind of days, they are not days for big plans and dreams, they are not days of feeling over the moon happy or bouncing with joy, they are days when you feel content, and that’s enough, these are what I call “Days of peace and ease.” They are really the best kind of days. There is no sense of striving, or feeling rushed and anxious to DO things, they are not days when you are smiling and laughing all day, they are just days when your heart feels peaceful, when you are filled with gratitude, when you feel comfortable in your own skin and are happy to just live your way quietly through the hours.

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today and I kind of panicked yesterday because I don’t yet know what keto dishes I am making to take but I know I’ll come up with something and all will be well. Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays because you get all the fun of family, good food, just being together, without all the pressure of gifts and all the rest that goes along with Christmas. Of course I love Christmas too especially because all my kids and grandkids are in and even though we adults do a gift exchange, give one gift, receive one gift, we all get things for the 4 boys who are 13, 5, 2, and almost 1 1/2. It’s so much fun just to watch the young ones enjoying their gifts and playing as we all sit around and watch them. These times are so precious to me. But Thanksgiving is such a very special day, it’s a holiday I always look forward to.

And after a little gain and then a stall for a week when I wasn’t losing anything I lost a half a pound yesterday and a pound and a half today, at last! I have been ketogenic for a month now, I’m in week 5, and I have to tell you that eliminating wine (You can have dry red wine or straight alcohol with no sugar but I am just cutting out all alcohol for now), sugar, all processed carbs, bread, crackers, grains, etc, well, I feel amazing. It’s like coming out of a fog into a clearing when you can SEE the world around you with new eyes, when you have no more brain fog and depression lifts and you have more energy and you just feel, well, good, it’s so amazing. I’ve said it before but I will never go back. This will have been one of the biggest things to happen to me in 2017 and I am so deeply grateful to have made these changes. It is changing my life in so many ways. Today I am just sitting with it all and feeling good.

It is a slow day, slow, quiet and peaceful. I don’t really have much to say, I just wanted to sit here with you all for a bit, say hello, and tell you that you are all in my mind and heart all the time. I am not on this journey alone, I hear from a lot of you now. People are making changes in their own ways, even if it is just a change in outlook. That is the true beginning. I hope you are having a day of peace and ease, wherever you are. I am sending you love and a gentle hug. You are so close to my heart…


The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
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  1. it is that kind of day down here too, maitri. no beautiful autumn leaves cascading tho, our fall isn’t quite full-blown yet, but misty/drizzly and cool.

    i think its amazing you can put two blocks of creamccheese AND butter into a recipe and lose weight anyway. i can’t grasp it. for me, it would be lots of fresh vegetables, fish, and whole grains. but apparently you are responding both physically and emotionally to keto and that’s what counts.

    i love you dear woman, be peaceful today, and i will be too.


    • Well Katya, the thing is that the ketogenic diet is low carb/high fat/moderate protein so yes to the fish and most vegetables (no vegetables that grow under the ground like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc. And yes I miss those! But they are high is sugar and starch and starch turns into sugar.), and yes you can have cheese and butter. Contrary to what was thought in the past butter is not bad for you. Cheese in moderation or it can affect your weight. BUT all that having been said I even took that part OUT of the above blog post! I tasted it, it was gross! I can’t eat that heavy cheesey buttery sauce, it made my stomach sick after a few bites. I threw it OUT! Live and learn!

      Yes, it was a peaceful day. May we see many more of these… M.

  2. I so happy to see and hear all the changes going on in your life. I hear in my head “ What a Differnce a Day Makes” for some reason that is floating in my head. I know next week will be a wonderful week for you for many reasons, trust me I can feel it……..So glad the Keto is working so well for you you. Do you weigh everyday is that part of the program or would it be better to weigh once a week because water and other thing effect the daily weight and sometimes if you weigh everyday you can easily get discouraged and that’s not a good thing. But you have to do what is best for you, I am just wondering. Always enjoy your post they alway enlighten me. Wishing you rainbows and more and more sunny happy days ahead…..JIM

    • Hi Jim honey, thank you so much for all your kind thoughts, and yes keto is working really well. I do weigh every day but that is my preference. And yes things can fluctuate but for me I find I can track if the weight goes up or down a little I can look back to what I ate the day before and sometimes see why it went up (Too much cheese, say?). Other people weigh once a week. It’s all what feels right to you. And I’m so glad you came by and I’m really glad you enjoy the posts. It’s after 11 here and I’m just getting off the computer to take the pugs out for the last time. I hope you have a lovely evening… 🙂

  3. So very happy for you, Maitri! I almost feel like it’s happening to me. Hugs, Memarge 🙂

    • Thank you so much Marge, you are so dear. I hope you are having gentle, peaceful days. And I’m still thinking about the things on your Life List and cheering you on from here! Have a beautiful weekend… 🙂

  4. Beautiful day here today, bright and blustery, with sun shining through the trees outside my window. How about making some of your delicious keto cheesy biscuits for Thanksgiving with your family? Anything you make will be a real treat for them. Much love to you and the pugs, I’m sending our sunshine your way! x

    • Ah Jenny, thank you so much! We got your sunshine! It is sunny and beautiful today, it’s even warmed up a little. This is a treat. And the biscuits are definitely on the list of possibilities! Can you believe Thanksgiving is less than 2 weeks away now? I want to hang onto time and slow it down a little! I hope you have a wonderful weekend honey… 🙂

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