The Experiment: Day 43 ~ Be Your Authentic Self! Who Are You, Really?

In yesterday’s post I said I had a surprise for Bekah when I showed up for our Thursday night Skype playtime. This is it! I found this mask at the Dollar Store for a dollar when I was shopping there this week. Of course it was all inspired by Bekah who showed up last week wearing a tiara! And I bought another little surprise for the holidays. We are having so much fun, I just can’t tell you. BUT THE THING IS —–


This is the me who deep down inside is a joyful, playful, fun-loving woman who believes in magic and lives in the Land of Enchantment in my heart. I have, day by day, been peeling off years of layers of sadness and grief and depression and all the rest. I am discarding the “Eeyore” side of myself and getting in touch with the magical, joyful woman, more and more, each and ever day. You will not see this anymore —

You will see this!

Once the dark layers begin to fall off, you are lighter, and freer, and ready to celebrate the good things. Oh, I have such mischief in me! The mischief maker is giggling as she sneaks back into my life. You should have seen me trying on funny things at the dollar store! I was having a blast! And laughing to myself in the aisle I was in causing other people to look at me curiously, but I just smiled my cattywompus smile at them and kept playing. I won’t stop playing now. I’m having too much fun!

And oh my goodness — please! — go get yourself (or order on amazon as I did) lots of brightly colored construction paper and glue sticks, and pull out a pile of old magazines. If you don’t have any magazines around you can get them cheap in thrift shops and such. I’m about to go hunting for more. And make Vision Boards! This is the one I’ve been working on for the last 2 weeks in my playtime with Bekah on Skype and I SWEAR it is changing me, it is healing me. I have it taped up to the lamp next to me here with washi tape so I can take it down and work on it some more, and there will be lots of colorful vision boards as I mold and shape the life I am growing into.

A lot of people do collage in their journals, I have too, and it’s lots of fun. BUT if you make them on construction paper they are bright and colorful and you can hang them up around your house. I am going to fill every room in my house with vision boards. I am going to bring joyful miracles into my life by making my wishes, dreams, and desires real and concrete on these little posters. Vision Boards will light the way. They are going to transform my life, and they are so relaxing to work on. As Bekah and I chatted about everything under the sun last night I was tearing apart magazines, cutting things out, and pasting them down on this first Vision Board. Oh gracious I had fun!

(If you right-click — on a pc — and click on “Open In New Tab” you will get to see a much bigger size of the Vision Board so you can read it more easily. I’m not sure about a Mac but you Mac people will know!)

Well I am running behind today and Noni will be here tonight and I have to clean up my disaster of a kitchen so I’ll put on my mask and fly joyfully in there and begin! The pugs will help! I hope you’ve been having a marvelous day and will have a splendid weekend ahead. I’m blowing you kisses and waving at you. Show me your real authentic self. Leave me comments and tell me how you will shed all the layers that are covering up your real, authentic self. Let’s come out of hiding and celebrate who we really are. Don’t you think it’s time?

Oodles and noodles of love and hugs to each of you!


The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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  1. just finished being on air, at an austin radio station, talking about my book Prison Wisdom (writing with inmates). the man who interviewed me was an old buddy from the Liberation News Service journalism days in New York city, almost 50 years ago! i am as high as a kite. reading the inmates’ words aloud for everyone out there in the listening audience to hear — was amazing! it made me realize i could do the same here in tallahassee at one of our local stations.

    so am i having fun? and making a better world? and reading maitri’s blog? YES YES YES


    • Oh Katya honey I’m SO excited for you! I can’t wait to hear the interview! And OF COURSE you can do it in Tallahassee! You can do ANYTHING you want to and you will ROCK IT!!! Isn’t it an exciting world full of so many possibilities!

      I’m so glad you’re having fun! So am I! And thank you for being part of my journey on this blog, it means so much to me. Onwards and upwards dear sister, and away we go! 😀

      I love you honey….

  2. Lil Shakti says:

    I ADORE you and your heart dearest Maitri. ❤️

  3. There she is! My purple super hero! Your vision board looks so nice. It is fun doing these things with you !

    • Thank you so much darling Bekah! I am having a ball playing with you, it is helping me so much! 🙂 Let’s keep on making merry and living in joy! I love you honey!

  4. Great entry. Loved the mask and vision board! Thanks for sharing. 😀

    • Thank you so much Kate and thanks for visiting! The mask is fun! And the Vision Board making is so inspiring and so helpful. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead… 🙂

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