The Experiment: Day 37 ~ It’s A Puggy Kind Of Day…

It is a puggy kind of day for sure. Some days are just “Let’s celebrate and love on the pugs” kind of days. This is one of them. And this will be a short post because it’s 10 to 1 and I have to get this blog post up before a dear one comes at 1 to help me until 4 to get some things done around here.

Just in case you didn’t know pugs are like living breathing teddy bears. And Delilah, the pug in the front looking at you, is a wee little girl. What you do with such a girl is to pick her up in your arms like a baby — she does not especially like this but will tolerate it for a MINUTE! — and then snuggle her and squeeze her and kiss her all up in the face. It’s like taking Prozac, it just sends serotonin to your brain like crazy. My pugs also nap with me and sleep with me, all cuddled up. I go to sleep usually with my arms around pugs and their tiny chorus of pug snores is the white noise I need to go to sleep.

I would love for you to leave me comments about your dogs. Dogs make me so happy, dogs are unconditional love, I never want to be without dogs. Pugs especially!

I’m going to sign off here, it’s a crazy busy day today, but send me your dog stories, you can also post your dogs with a little story on my Facebook page if you friend me there (Be sure to tell me that you came from my blog!), and kiss your dog(s) on the nose for me. I am a shameless nose kisser! I love ALL dogs, but if you have a pug give him or her an extra couple of kisses on the nose for me!

Big Doggy Love To One And All!


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  1. I’m trying to catch up, but think I’ve lost some of your posts. Is there a way to find older posts?
    Too many things have happened here lately – like no water in the shower – dead telephones – and a very expensive surgery on the car.
    3 kisses

    • Oh Margaretha, I’m so sorry for all of your troubles honey, you especially need *3 kisses* today! I’m blowing them to you!

      And if you look at the top of the right hand column there’s the archives back to the beginning in a drop down menu. Otherwise if you just sign into my website using the web address, it will take you to the current post and at the bottom of the post there will be an arrow. Click on that and it goes to the next post back. And so on,

      I hope you have a better day today honey. I love you!

  2. Sandra Carter says:

    Your pugs are adorable!

  3. They’re all so cute, and they all want to sit in the same bed! 🙂 Please give them some extra snuggles from me. x

    • Thanks so much Jenny and yes they were just MADE for snuggling! My little teddy bears. They are all 3 blowing puggery kisses your way! 🙂

  4. My husband and I have two yorkie/poodle/your guess is as good as mine small doggies. Tinker is the runt of the litter and Snickers is the first one that was born. They look like terriers, which is my favorite kind of dog. They are my hubster’s babies and it shows. He gets down on the floor to play with them, takes them for walks, admonishes me if I complain about them taking all the space on the bed. We also have a huge sealpoint Himalayan cat that one of our daughter’s gave us because her husband was allergic to it. Her name is Gordy.

    • Oh Marge it sounds like you have a darling little furry family. And you know I am highly allergic to cats, sigh, I’d love to have one but I just couldn’t tolerate it allergy wise, but your cat sounds like one of those gorgeous fashion girls! 😀 I’m glad Gordy found a good home too. And your little terrier mixes sound just precious. What would our lives be without them? I never want to know! Sending you a big sweet hug honey….

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