The Experiment: Day 24 ~ Sleepy Sundays & Katya Sabaroff Taylor’s “Prison Wisdom,” Part 1…

Yes, this is pretty much me today. Had my (bulletproof) coffee with Noni this morning, she went to work, I took the dogs out and sat down here at the computer to catch up with a few things and write my blog post but I look, in my chair, pretty much like the bully does above. (I adore bulldogs.) Isn’t he adorable? I’m not quite so adorable but I’ve got the “falling asleep sitting up in a chair” thing down! I’m going to do this little blog post and go curl up in the big comfy recliner with the pugs and the new book I am reading and am completely captivated by. I am actually going to be doing a whole blog post about this book and it’s author as soon as I finish reading this book.

She is literally my oldest and dearest friend. She was my teacher, my mentor and my muse. I took her journal classes about 35 years ago when I was beginning to teach mine and when she moved away I took over her classes at a couple of the local colleges. I am her daughter’s godmother. Her name is Katya Sabaroff Taylor, and the book is called Prison Wisdom, she taught writing in the prisons for 20 years and this is a compilation of the prisoner’s writings. This is one of the most moving books I’ve ever read and I don’t want to say anymore until I’ve finished reading it but I wanted you to have an opportunity to purchase it now. You can read along with me. And what I really love is that Katya has an outreach program wherein you can buy one book for yourself and if you buy a second copy it goes to the prison libraries or to people working with prisoners or at risk teens. Click on the book title above for more information about this book. You can even get an autographed copy by paying Katya through paypal. You can contact her on her website about how to go about doing this. Just click on her name above.

Sundays are days for drifting and dreaming, for reading incredible books that touch you deeply, and for snuggling with soft, warm pugs who are just like living, breathing teddy bears! (Of course this is a good thing to do many times a day, and I do!) And that is what I intend to do right now, to curl up with Katya’s book and the pugs. I really hope you’ll get this book, it will change your life, and if you are a writer or keep a journal you will really enjoy having it to help you with your own writing or journalling.

My best and love to you on this sleepy day. I hope you have a lovely, restful day full of peace and ease. This is the kind of day for just that…


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  1. dearest maitri – thank you so much for being an emissary for my book. it means the world to me. and all you maitri-followers out there, i would be delighted and humbled for you to join those who want to spread the message of this book: we all have something to learn by sharing our stories (and poems), and people hidden away behind bars have opened their hearts wide while accessing “the wisdom of the pen.”

    xox ka

    • Oh Katya I am loving this book so much! I have teared up reading some of it. I’ll be doing a longer blog post about the book once I finish reading it but I’m just so excited about it and your project with the book that I wanted to go ahead and get the information out there. I linked this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, and Linked-In too! Onwards and upwards dear sister…


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