The Experiment: Day 19 ~ The Comfort Of Thunderstorms…

It is absolutely pouring outside! The sky is dark, the pugs are snuggled in under the quilt on my lap. They are like little children hiding in a fort. As soon as I put the quilt over my lap and feet they burrow under, all three of them, pulling the quilt taught, and this way and that. It always makes me smile. But they are under there now because they don’t like storms. My Tanner is especially afraid of storms and must hide underneath or behind something as the thunder rumbles through the sky. But I love storms. There is something about the sound of rain coming down on the roof, all around us, on the deck just outside my studio where I am now that is comforting to me. After the fire in February 2014 I couldn’t sleep. Finally I tried different apps on my tablet, nature sounds, but it was the rain that did it. I think the sound of rain is one of the most soothing sounds in the world. I know that it is for a lot of people. Do you like the rain?

And no, I don’t mean serious weather. There have been too many hurricanes and too much heartbreaking devastation this year. A great many people are still recovering from it and will be for some time, no, I mean the thunderstorms that roll through, the aftermath being that everything looks fresh and green and dewy and the air smells good. It refreshes things, it makes gardens grow. And just now as fires rage on in California I am praying, praying that the fires may stop, praying that people will be safe, and especially, now, praying that they can have some of this rain to put out the fires.

And now, isn’t this soothing? There are many rain sounds videos on youtube. Some go for 10 or 12 hours. You could just put it on in the background if you needed the soothing sounds…

I think I am going to close my eyes and just listen to the rain. I think this is a perfect plan for today. Close your eyes, listen, rest, be at peace…


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  1. I do love a good thunder storm! I just don’t like all the cloud to ground lightening that starts fires. Our Basset isn’t fond of storms.

    • I understand Lisa, I’m not fond of lightning and my pugs would rather do without ALL of it! But I like the sound of thunder and rain. I hope you’re having lovely weather wherever you are… 🙂

  2. Aahhhhh. I am at peace and everything is right in the world when there is a magnificent thunderstorm! I sit outside on the porch and just watch, listen and breathe as the rain pours out of the sky and clouds crash. Thank you Maitri for sharing such a wonderful day with me. 💕

    • You are so welcome Eva, it’s nice to have someone to share the thunderstorm with! And doesn’t it just SMELL wonderful when it’s raining? I hope you have a lovely rain soon and can just breathe it in… 🙂

  3. I too love the sound of rain – and watching the lightening! That is, I didn’t enjoy the rain when my roof was leaking!
    I’ve been resting all day after the tiring yesterday. And I just got a note from my cousin in Santa Rosa that they are safe – what a relief!

    • Ah, the sound of the rain… And yes, I was concerned for you yesterday when I know you had the long trip to the doctor. I hope all went well. And I didn’t know you had a cousin in California! Oh Lordy I am so glad they are safe. These are terrifying times out there. I’m so worried about those people. I hope you are getting some good rest today. Take care honey…

  4. Susan Phelps says:

    Oh how I agree with you, Maitri! I especially love listening to the long, low rolls of distant thunder, as it moves closer & then moves on. Thank you for sharing this bit of bliss on a day that I’ve been feeling down about my life. Almost 3 weeks ago, I tripped & hit the side of my left wrist on the edge of the concrete stoop, requiring 2 surgeries & now a stay in rehab for therapy. The silver lining is that it broke open, if you will, the depression and anxiety that I thought I was hiding well from family & friends. They’ve rallied around me, helping where the can, & I’ve had my meds adjusted by a wonderful psychiatrist & will begin therapy when I’m home again. So thank you, again, for your wonderful words which always touch me in some way!

    • Oh SUSAN honey! I am SO sorry to hear what you’ve been going through! How terrible! And I’m glad your meds have been adjusted — I’ve been going through med changes, dosages changes, etc for months until I was weary of it all but FINALLY I am on medication, that, after having raised the dose 3x is working! It’s all so hard because these meds work so differently for different people. When they finally work it is SUCH a relief. And I’m glad you have therapy lined up, I go every Wednesday, I was there today. And I’m so happy that you enjoyed the post and the rain. There are a lot of rain videos on youtube, some even go for 10-12 hours. It’s the only way I could sleep after the fire. Do take care honey and keep me posted on how you are doing. I am holding you close in my heart and prayers…

  5. oh lovely rain – thank you for the u -tube of tropical fronds and water coming down…

    i have written many rain haiku, as you can imagine

    and the cool air that is so refreshing, we sure could use that now, it’s 80 degrees first thing in the morning and last thing at night… yikes!

    so, send us a gentle rain, steady and reassuring and quenching, making my garden
    quiver with joy!


    • Ah Darling Ka, I know that you have warmer weather than we do overall but it has been in the 80’s and VERY muggy here on the coast of NC. Ick! I love the nice rains that are followed by cool breezes. It just seemed to get hotter and muggier here after ours! Here’s to lovely cool rains for us AND our gardens. Yours is so lovely. And I can’t wait to get your Prison Wisdom book! I’m so anxious to read it. I’m going to share that page from your site on FB. May you have many sales indeed… I love you honey.

  6. I have a lovely vision of the pugs snuggled up to you for comfort and security during the storm. I really enjoyed the tropical rain video, I’ve bookmarked it to watch again. Thank you Maitri! x

    • Ah Jenny the pugs are indeed very snuggly ALL the time but especially during storms! And I’m so glad that you liked the rain video. There are LOTS of them on youtube, some for 10-12 hours so you could just put one on in the background. So soothing. It’s the only way I slept at night after the fire. Sending you love and a gentle, warm hug…. 🙂

  7. I love what the Irish call ‘a soft rain.’

    • Ah yes, a soft rain, how perfect. And I was raised in a grand old Irish clan so I love the Irish in everything! 😀

  8. Growing up in dry southern Idaho, I was lucky to have a mother who took us out in the rain so we could feel the wonder of it. Rain on the roof is one of my favorite sounds, though I don’t get it here in my high rise.

    • Ah Cathryn, how WONDERFUL that you had a mother that took you out in the rain. I think that is positively poetic! 🙂 And oh me oh my, when we lived in the country for several years we first lived, for 5 years, in a 90 year old farmhouse while Kevin was building ours. It had a tin roof, and there is NOTHING more soothing or wonderful to listen to as you go to sleep than rain on one of those old tin roofs. Sigh. Memories. I miss it still…

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