The Experiment: Day 115 ~ The 3 Month Keto Update… Holy Mackerel! This Diet Has Changed My Life In So Many Ways!

Where do I begin? I have been sharing little pieces of news along the way, and they’re all important, but today was a very important day for me. I have been “stalled” in my weight loss for the last 6 weeks. It happens on keto and is actually, though it was terribly frustrating!, a fascinating and mysterious thing. We you go on a ketogenic diet you lose a nice chunk of weight at first, a lot of which is water, I started on October 11 at 333 pounds. By the end of November I was down 25 pounds to 308. I stayed there for a moment but then started gaining weight again, inching up to 314. I was simply horrified, and scared. Was this just one more “diet” that was going to start off well and then go awry? I have tried so many things and been disappointed so many times in my life I had honestly given up on ever losing weight. Well today I broke the stall, I was 307.8 this morning. I have lost weight every day this week and I was thrilled! But the thing is that while you are “stalled” amazing things are going on in your body. Things are being healed, I was losing inches if not pounds, I moved out of the diabetic range back to a normal, non-diabetic person, my blood pressure went down a lot to a good range, my psych meds have been cut in half or discontinued, I am in the process of going off of them now, and therein is the big thing for me.

As I’ve said I didn’t start keto to lose weight though I hoped that would be a lovely side benefit. I started it because I was so exhausted from ongoing, overwhelming mental health issues that I simply barely had the will to live anymore. Last year was particularly hard, harder than it had been in years, for most of the year. When I read an article (There are many out there now.) by a psychiatrist who not only lived the ketogenic lifestyle — and that’s what it is, a lifestyle, not “a diet” — but used it with great success with all manner of patients with mental health diagnoses of pretty much every kind — and then read more articles like this online I knew I had to try. Frankly I’ve tried so many types of things in 40+ years I wasn’t expecting much, didn’t really trust it, but what did I have to lose? It is as though the light had very nearly completely gone out in the tunnel. I couldn’t see how I would go on, I was truly desperate.

3 months in I have lost a chunk of weight, stalled, but am losing again. My physical and mental health have improved enormously. My goal weight is 145 and I really believe I will get there and I don’t care how long it will take. A lot is happening inside, “invisible healing,” but even more surprising to me is that I have the will to live in a way I’m not sure I’ve ever had in my life. It is, yes, startling! I would never have believed this was possible. I spend a lot of time now reading and researching everything about the ketogenic diet/lifestyle, but also many more aspects of health, I am meditating everyday for weeks now, this blog experiment has led me to begin writing a book that I feel I was born to write to chart this journey I’m on in a way that I hope will help countless others. I wake up in the morning, dare I say happy? And with what they used to say in a church I attended for several years, “Filled with the joy of living.” I once again believe in potent possibilities abundant, and yes, I believe in miracles, and I believe enormous changes are coming my way. 8 months ago my daughter had to call the Mobile Crisis Unit I was in such a terrible state. Today I am going off my psych meds and feel better than I have in my life. The ketogenic diet has changed both my body and my brain chemistry so much that I have the will to live in a way I couldn’t have possibly imagined last year. I just hoped I could get to the place where I didn’t want to give up on life every single day. If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Everyone must find their own way, I know this to be true. There isn’t only one right way to achieve health and happiness, but I have been overweight since I was a child, I have been desperately unhappy and unwell for 50+ years, and this is what works for me. I have been on every diet you’ve ever heard of and then some and they just didn’t work. I now truly believe the diet industry is a racket, it’s all about money, and the famous faces that tout these diets are proof of this, but more obvious is the fact that a recent study of the top ten diets listed the ketogenic diet last! And you want to know why? All the other diets were corporations, you had to buy a membership, go to meetings, pay for a meal service, buy all kinds of foods, supplements, and products, and so on. The ketogenic diet has been around since the mid-1800’s and is the only diet that is just about the food. Eliminating all the bad food and buying and eating good for you food. That’s it. Inotherwords there’s no money in keto! Oh now there are a few people out there beginning to sell “keto products” but you don’t need them! You want something cheap and healthy that works, go keto!

I could easily become a keto evangelist but Lord have mercy I truly hate those kind of folks! I am NOT here to tell YOU what to do, I am here to share what is working for me, at 63, when nothing else ever has. And the handful of things that have changed for me in only 3 months are truly remarkable. I’m not just losing weight, my whole body and life are changing, more than I would have ever believed possible in only 3 months. And I will keep Ketoing On! for the rest of my days.

So that’s me, 3 months in. I will do an update every 3 months and talk about it a little here and there along the way. This is not going to become a “Keto Blog” but it’s such an important part of my life now how could I not write about it?

So here I am and onward I go. May you find true health, peace, and happiness in whatever way works for you. I’m cheering for you. Let this be the year we all ROCK our lives and let this be the year we finally do the things that we have put off “forever.” If not, why not? If not now, when?

The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
Happiness: Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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  1. Amen!

  2. So happy that you found this and that it is helping you so much. I’m looking forward to reading all about it when you feel like sharing.

    Much Love, Jean

    • Thank you so much Jean, it is truly a miracle in my life. I never imagined this kind of day, one in which I wake up and my first thoughts are, “Oh, a new day! So many hours to fill with joy!” I tell you more than one morning I have felt like the beginning of a Disney movie when the sky was blue and filled with happy singing twittering bird (and I’m watching them right now out my studio windows!) and butterflies and the sun shining. That’s what all of this has done for me, and I know the keto diet is responsible for a lot of it but it’s the whole thing, this blogging each day, and meditating, and perhaps most of all CONSCIOUSLY deciding to find happiness, to seek the better life, to create an intention for a joyful, loving life. I think it’s in us all along, we just have to open our hearts and minds to it, believe, and say “I WANT THAT KIND OF LIFE!” and it shall be ours. Inotherwords not just diet but a whole world of changes toward the good, different things for each of us but it must be a series of conscious choices, doing, not just dreaming. So many lessons here. I’m going to write about this in today’s blog post I think.

      Bless you Jean, have a beautiful day…

      Maitri 🙂

  3. Congratz! I know what a struggle dieting brings…having lost over 100 lbs myself years ago…pounds just creep back on, last year I gained 25lbs back along with disappointing feelings about myself, every day I’m back on the diet, all I can do is never give up! Hang in there…I’m on the same rope❤️👍🏼

    • Yes Ellie it has been a lifetime struggle for some of us but I tell you I know I will get all the weight off and keep it off this time because the ketogenic diet is a lifestyle, not a weightloss diet. And I am committed to this lifestyle. What would I go back to? Eating junk and sugar and feeling bad? No thank you! I’m 63 and I’ve got this “one wild and precious life” and I plan to live it fully. To go back would be to give up on myself and I am just not going to do that anymore, I simply care too much now. At least that’s me. I didn’t believe it would last, at first, but now I have this deep knowing. It IS my life, to be better and happier. I just won’t allow it to be any other way. THAT is the huge revelation and miracle for me. And it’s so wonderful.

      Blessings and love and all food things to you Ellie honey… 🙂

  4. Lisa Wimpfheimer says:

    Wonderful to hear that you have found a very beneficial lifestyle!
    Keep on doing it and with the meditation and positive motion, you will love your life.
    Daisy and I send you all the love and encouragement we can
    2018 is amazing!

    • Oh Lisa it’s amazing! I AM loving my life as I never thought I could and I am going to continue on. Down another .4 # this morning. It’s a whole new wonderful way of life! 🙂

      And thank Daisy for me and give her kisses too. Nothing like pug kisses to make the day right! And yes, I think 2018 IS going to be amazing! Let’s enjoy it! 😀

  5. what a beautiful way to go thru the portal into 2018 and your brave, serene, joyful new life. i am totally celebrating with you, maitri


    • Thank you so much dear Katya…

      To wake up to your own life, to fall in love with yourself so that you will “above all do no harm,” and then to do anything and everything you can think of to make your life better, AND THEN TO CELEBRATE IT ALL!!! THAT’S where I am in 2018, and it took me 63 years to get here! Better late than never, huh? 😀

      Thank you for celebrating with me sweet one. It’s so lovely to have a companion on the journey! I love you honey…

      M. xoxox

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