The Experiment: Day 110 ~ It’s Time For Us All To Sing and Dance! And LIVE Our Truth Fully and Completely!

Magic is in the air. It’s all around us waiting for US to be ready. You can’t hope and wish and sit back and wait for something to happen. What can you do/are you doing to make changes, to see some movement, in your life? I have written about all of the things that I am doing already on New Year’s Day. I live the ketogenic life, I meditate, I blog daily, I reach out to all of you and I am here to answer you if you will write to me, I am getting more active physically, a little bit at a time, I am using positive affirmations, and I am ACTIVELY BELIEVING that miracles are all around me, I am inviting them in. You have to act as if miracles are all around you, waiting to come into your life. I am celebrating every single tiny thing that sparks happiness and joy and I am SINGING AGAIN, all over the house, to the pugs, to the wild birds, and the squirrels, and to the spirits that are all around me. And I am doing so much more, some of which I feel shy talking about here because I know it is not part of many people’s belief systems. But I think I should. Being honest and transparent about my life is the whole purpose of doing this blog. When I feel like hiding something, or not writing about it, I KNOW I HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT IT. So here I go.

(I know I’m about to go way out on a limb but you know what? I am finding that I am quite comfortable here…)

I am getting deeper and deeper in touch with the spirit world. Before the fire I was experiencing such miracles here — I both wrote about it and shared many pictures of it, the pink angel orbs that were positively everywhere, more and more all the time until I couldn’t walk outside at night without being surrounded and covered with them. THEY are what saved me the night of the fire. They were particularly active and bigger and brighter than ever before so the dogs and I stayed outside because I was taking lots of pictures. I was outside for so long that the explosion in the house that started the fire was just happening as I was about to walk inside the house. Had I been inside in the kitchen I most likely wouldn’t be here today. And the odd thing is after the fire the angel orbs disappeared. It is as if they were here to keep me safe, to save me from the fire, and once it was all over they disappeared. This has been a deep disappointment to me. I want to get in touch with them again. See this blog post to see pictures of the orbs. They are beautiful and miraculous! Okay I can’t help myself, I will share one picture here, but you really need to go to the blog post above to see lots of amazing pictures!

And I am doing meditations and exercises to be open and present to the spirit world and even to spirits who have crossed over. I know this is shocking to many, many don’t believe in this, and maybe some people will unsubscribe when they read this, but if I have learned anything I have learned that you should never hide your light under a bushel, you should never hide who you are, you should live fully and completely everything that you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing. It’s okay if you don’t believe as I do, or if I don’t believe as you do, but I will share my truth wholeheartedly here because the only way to live my complete and joyous life is to to let my life shine brightly, to sing and dance my truth into being, like a whirling dervish the more I dance the more I feel alive and the more I feel alive the more I want to live and create magic and wonder in the world. It is my path. And I feel a kind of inner radiance that I think shines out of my eyes and my whole being. Something amazing is happening. And I am GOING with it!

One of the reasons that I am reaching out to the other side is to experience a kind of healing that is only possible with some who have crossed over. No matter what happened in the past I have come to a point of letting it all go. I am in a place of joy and peace, my whole life is new and different and I am choosing this for the rest of my life. And I know that once souls have crossed over they will have done a life review and come to a new place of love and are no longer the troubled souls that did sometimes very serious damage when they were here. I want to reach out beyond my past, and far into my future life when as spirits we will be reunited in love. My life now is about complete forgiveness, letting go of old hurts and longstanding wounds that seemed as if they would never heal. It is as if I have looked back one last time at my past and the sorrows and pain I have held onto for a lifetime, and in a whoosh completely released them. There is no more pain to hold onto, only potent possibility abundant for a future greater than anything I ever imagined. I am so glad that I came to this before my life was over. No matter how long I have left on this planet, days or decades, I have been given the life of joyful living. There is magic all around me, blessings, miracles, and I will live it all and write about it all for the rest of my life.

I believe in angels.

I believe in miracles.

I believe there is only a thin veil between us and the other side, I believe that there is a continuum, I believe that our bodies die but our souls, our spirits, live on. And I believe that we can be in touch with so many wonders in this world and beyond that we may never be afraid again. It is a though I have been touched by a magic wand and gained a new kind of sight and beingness in the world than I ever knew was possible. I am coming into an openness that allows all good things in, even if they are hard for most people to believe, that’s okay, I will simply open my heart and connect to it all.

And when I say I send you love, and I do, to each of you, if you are reading this I am touching you in a tangible way. I mean it when I say I send love. Like the pink angel orbs that showed me love exists and it flows from me to you. If we spend our days sending and receiving love our lives will be transformed. Believe in miracles, they are as close as the nose on your face. Close your eyes, relax your body, watch your breath go in and out, and open yourself up to all the wonders of the universe. Do this every day. Do it as you go to sleep at night. Believe.

Will you sing and dance with me? Will you open your heart? Will you allow the miracles that are waiting to come to you to come? If you answered yes to any of these questions I hope you will talk to me in the comment section below. It’s time, like the women at the top of this post, for us to wrap our arms around each other and sing and dance together. What could be more beautiful? I think there’s no other way to live and live fully. May I put my arm around you? Will you dance with me? The music has started, the time is now.



The Experiment ~A 365 Day Search For Truth, Beauty &
Happiness: Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project
“Do or do not. There is no try.”

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  1. Hi Maitri, of course I will sing and dance with you… things are shifting here too. Synchronicities… and so much more…
    I had a magnificent dream. I wrote it down in my own language… I will translate it and send it to you… just wonderful, a true sign for looking further than a first impression and live life in abundance… just magic. Big hug… ❤️

    • Oh thank you darling Claudine, let’s dance! 🙂

      And oh, I can’t wait to read about your dream. Truly, something wondrous is happening in the universe right now and those who are open to this beautiful energy are going to have the time of their lives! I’m ready, aren’t you? I think it’s about damned time!

      Love you sister…

  2. Victoria SkyDancer says:

    If you ever want to compare metaphysical notes, hit me up on Messenger or Instagram.

    We’re having our first rain of the year today; between that and being in my Moontime, it’s more of a time of soft humming and gentle swaying. I’ll be back to my dynamic self by the weekend. 🙂 Receiving and reflecting love back to you.

    • Hello Dearheart, thanks for the offer, right now it is very personal for me and I am just sitting in the silence and inviting it all in. It will take me awhile to digest it before I can talk to someone else about it. I’m sure you understand. And humming and gentle swaying are fantastic! Who really needs more than that? Not I, at 63 swaying is just my kind of dancing!

      Love to you too honey… 🙂

  3. The veil is not only thin. In places it is transparent. The photos & small stories I post on Instagram daily are my way of celebrating that. I truly believe we are connected with every atom on this beautiful planet of ours – and the connection continues not only into the universe but into realms of The Ineffable. So celebrate joy. Dance connection. Sing to the pugs. Hum to The Universe. Dance Life. And enjoy the company of every atom, every song, every being, every speck of Life, in all its mystery.

    • Ah Cathryn, how beautiful! I loved reading your words this morning, I am having my coffee here with you right now, and I have read and reread what you’ve written. The Ineffable indeed! There is so much mystery and magic all around us I am in awe. May we be open to receiving these miracles, in every moment. I am sitting here smiling, I am so happy…

      Love you honey…


  4. Oh Maitri I got goose bumps or is it angel shivers when I read your blog today! Yes we are kindred spirits! In many ways I’m learning. I believe all of what you’ve written and I have been interested in all this for 50 years or more! I’m excited. I have never seen orbs but I big huge angel climbed in the shower with me when I was getting ready to go to the dermatologist. I had been cut on so often and didn’t want to go. The angel told me I would not be cut on during this visit and I wasn’t! So yes, I KNOW angels exist along with miracles.
    Much Love, Jean

    • Yes Jean, “angel shivers,” I love that! And I love that your angel gave you comfort and good news, it is such a blessing isn’t it? And I’m so glad you didn’t have to be “cut on.” I hope you get to see the orbs someday, they are truly the most amazing things I have ever seen and I miss them. I hope they will return.

      Have a blessed and beautiful day dearheart…


  5. I also believe in the continuum of life from past to present to future and the availability of connection and influence of spirits and spirit guides. I have my own spirit guide with whom I used to communicate on a regular basis, but have let slide in recent years. But, I know she is always there for me. What I currently do on a daily basis is to receive the generosity of the sharing of a brief channeled message from the spirit guide of one of my beloved teachers of intuitive skills. Her spirit guide is called Grandmother, a Shoshone Indian woman from the 1400s. Lori Wilson, of InnerAccess101, shares a free recorded message from Grandmother daily, always 5 minutes of less. It is about the energetic climate of each day and I have found it to be a very helpful way to start my day.
    In the last year or so I have also become much more interested in Astrology for similar reasons. Not to focus on predictions per se, but to get a sense of the energetic climate we are all swimming around in. Interestingly, I have found that Grandmother’s messages often merge very well with what is going on in the planets.
    So yes, we are all very connected, and I am very grateful to have these kinds of energetic supports in my life.

    • Oh Joan I love all that you have written here, thanks so much for sharing honey. I love that you are connected with your spirit guide. And oh! I’m so excited. I went to Lori’s site and heard Grandmother’s recording for today and signed up for her daily messages. What a soothing voice, I really loved it. I was shy to write this post but I’m so glad I did because people have left the loveliest and most amazing comments and I love finding wonderful new resources. Thank you so much for sharing.

      I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day…



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