The Cantadora’s Song ~ And How I Can Help You…

I was born a Cantadora. I sing in 3 part harmony — the past I am healing, the present I am living fully, and the future I am creating joyfully!

The Grandmothers, the old Cantadoras, are calling to me. Each day I move closer to the dream, and the song is a melody that repeats, ever deepening, and moving into that place in my heart that lets me know that the journey I have been on, this winding path, has led me home.

I have, as you know, because if you are here, if you listen to my podcasts, you have watched this journey that I have been on to find my true work, been travelling up a steep and winding path to find the jewel on the mountaintop that, when I found it, and picked it up in my hands, would be the key that would finally fit in the lock and open the door to the secret world I have been searching for my whole life, the purpose for my being here, how I might live, and work, and be of service in the world. And while the shape and form have shifted the work inside of me and what I wanted to give never has, but I needed to find clarity and there was always something missing. In these past weeks it has all been shape-shifting until I reached the top of the mountain and held the jewel in my hand. Oh what joy, what a revelation, such a gift. When we find and live our true purpose we discover greater gifts than we ever imagined possible. So it is that this work has come to me and in my sixtieth year it is time for me to put on the Grandmother’s shawl and join the lineage of Cantadoras who have come before me. I wear the mantle with pride.

What is it that I will be offering soon? A healing journey steeped in the oldest traditions. When you read fairy tales to your children you are carrying forward the stories that originated thousands of years ago and have been passed down first verbally and then in written word, changing shape and form but still retaining the same nuggets of truth. Story was a vehicle of teaching or passing on wisdom from one generation to the next. It was healing, the stories held the tribe together, they were a touchstone throughout people’s lives even if they had consciously forgotten them, they were always there.

My work is to help people reconnect, to pick up the thread of story in their own lives, to write their own stories and help them heal what needs to be healed. Only when we fully know the themes that are leitmotifs in our lives, echoing down the years from childhood to today can we begin to heal in the present and move on toward a future we may never have dreamed possible. The Cantadora’s Way is a healing journey through story and song. Your story is your song.

We are each born with a story to live out. It is imprinted on us at birth, but we lose the thread as life pulls the fabric of our story apart until we disconnect from it entirely. Until we pick up the threads and weave the story back together, see where the weak spots are, and where the beauty lies, we cannot move forward, but oh, there is so much before us, so much is there and waiting, if only we will make the journey. It is my job to help you do just that. I am the keeper of the old stories, the weaver of dreams, and it is my job to help you find your way to yours. There are limitless possibilities before you, potent possibility abundant. It is never too late for a happy ending.

How does this process work, who is it for, and what will I be offering?

First of all, let me start with who it is for. This is very deep work and it is geared toward people who are not afraid to go deep, to face their lives, the whole of them, and who are willing to make a commitment and put in the work. I do not want to work with people who are not ready to commit to a life-changing journey that will not always will be easy but can alter the whole course of your life. If you are ready to commit and do the work I would love to work with you.

What is the process?

First you must know and fully understand the story that you have lived so far. I will help you and guide you to write your story. If you see how I wrote mine in the previous post, The Cantadora’s Way, you can get an idea of what a story might look like, but there is no one right way to write it save writing it in the third person, you step back and look at your story from a distance so that you can see it more clearly. You are an observer simply recording the details of a life lived, all aspects of the life.

Once the story is written we begin the journey together of walking through the story, gently, and again, with as great a sense of detachment as possible. At first we look at the story carefully to see where pain entered, where and how limiting beliefs were created, how experiences in childhood and on into adulthood have affected the life you live today. The places where pain, discord, or suffering took place in your childhood became impediments on your journey through life, and, today, affect everything from your relationships, the work that you do, the dreams deferred or given up on entirely, and everything else around you. At the same time you see that there were happy times. These are often forgotten when deep pain was caused. We catch up the happy memories in a net, and carry them forward to the present with us, we discover hidden gifts that we have had all along but never fully used, talents and strengths we have not, perhaps, drawn upon. Your story holds all the keys to your future happiness. Life has caused you to sing your original birth song off key, but you can recover your song and sing it clearly and with joy if you will steadily move through the process that will take you there.

As you gain an understanding of how your story has affected you in your present life, you begin to understand what needs to be healed and how to heal it and further that you have had it in you all along to do so. No matter what age you are, no matter what you might see as your limitations, it is never too late to rewrite the story of your future and live your way into it.

You are in a powerful place when you stand in the present with the knowledge and wisdom gained from writing your story and the work ahead will be exhilarating. You will now write a new story, the one you would like to see, the one that you dream of. You will write it as fully and with as much detail, color, and texture as you can. There are no limits, you are writing the life you dream of and you will not hold back in any way. Nothing is impossible. We will work together, I will give you the tools and the support to write this new story, it is very exciting.

If you can imagine it you can achieve it, if you can dream it, you can become it.

That quote was on a poster above my desk for so many years that the last time I moved and tried to take it down it crumbled in my hands but I don’t need the poster to remember it, and the words were across a beautiful image of a ballerina in mid flight, her legs extended far above the ground, flying through the air. Breathtaking. And as we write our new story this is exactly where we are. We have leapt forward from our old story but not yet landed in the future we are creating. The ballerina is suspended in the air waiting for us, she will eventually land and so will you. Where will you land?

The process unfolds from there and over a year we continue to work on healing the past while we keep rewriting the future story, a kind of rocking back and forth, the two steps forward and one step back kind of feeling, but forward movement is steady and sure if you do the work. Too many books offer quick fixes or slogans and practices we cannot fully and comfortably put into practice. They are written in a language we do not speak. They do not relate to us in our own life, right where we are, with our very specific set of circumstances. The Cantadora’s Way uses your story, your language, your life, and all that you hold inside of you, personally, to understand, heal, and move forward in a way not possible otherwise. In one year’s time tremendous healing will have taken place, a beautiful comfort and ease with the present can be achieved, and you will have begun to make changes that move you forward into your dreams.

For some one year will be all that is needed. Many will continue on and there will be a community in place for those in the group to meet and talk about their journeys, their struggles, to receive support, and many other materials. Weekly classes, frequent audio recordings and videos will come with recorded meditations, eBooks and more along the way. The thousand petals of the lotus will open up inside of you as each petal turns over a new piece of understanding of the old story, and revelations that will take you far into the future you will be creating by writing your new story.

I will also be taking a very limited number of students one on one, no more than 8-10. This is a very intense, deep, and beautiful process where you are given personal attention and support not possible in the group classes. I will speak to my private students every week, give them assignments for the week ahead geared specifically for them, they will have access to me through e-mail between sessions and they will have audio recordings to help them through their process. It is a unique and powerful experience and these spots will go quickly so if you are interested you can contact me through the form here.

You can sign up for either at any time but space is limited and on a first come, first served basis.

I would love to work with you if you feel this is right for you, if you are ready to change your life. Change is scary, even when it is moving us toward something wonderful, sometimes especially if it is. There will be many levels of support along the way. I am completely dedicated to my students for life. Some people have worked with me for many years, continually refining and going deeper and father than they ever imagined. In any case I will be here for you completely and it will be my honor to serve you.

Until then, I send my love and wish for you rivers of blessings, joy and love in your life…


Make this the year your resolutions come true!

Make this the year your resolutions come true!


  1. Hi Dear Maitrie,
    I am very interested in being a part of this group if you will have me.
    One of the main reasons I joined SARK and the WINS community (where I met you) was to write myself new and well.
    Count me in, please 🙂
    Blessings to You,

  2. Thank you Donna, 🙂

    Registration information will be up in the next couple of weeks and you can sign up then. Fees, etc will be announced at that time.

    Blessings to you and enjoy WINS. It is an absolutely fabulous program!

    Blessings to you dearheart,


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