Sam and I Have Been Wondering About A Few Things ~ Or ~ It’s Best To Think Serious Thoughts With A Pug On Your Head…

I can’t think a single, solitary, meaningful thought anymore
without a pug on my head. Whatever would I do without
Sam the Man? I don’t want to know…

Above is Sampson, the pug who sleeps on my person. He is my velcro pug. He keeps me safe, sane, and moving forward on the worst of days, is a great kisser, and sometimes sleeps with his little head on mine putting me to sleep when I can’t sleep. Sam is a “rescue.” The thing is, I think he came to rescue me.

I have had many deep thoughts of late. Where have I come from? Where am I headed? What do I want to bring with me from the past into the future? In what ways do I want to create a whole new reality?

(A tiny pause here while I take my wee little “Pea Pod Pie,” my tiniest, oldest, deaf and blind pug Babs out to potty. She is the only one who needs to be carried out on a leash. The other dogs have now figured out how to used the dog door out into the big fenced yard and it is a revolving door around here.)

Back in, eating a banana, and still sipping my latte, listening to the parrots in the other room singing and chittering along with NPR’s Saturday Opera program which they seem to love. Just their cup of tea. I’m more a Garrison Keillor “Prairie Home Companion” kind of gal myself. We’ll be listening to that tonight, the four dogs that surround me, that is. Currently Sampson is asleep on the right arm of this overstuffed chair, leaning into me. Big Dog Moe is asleep on his bed on the floor just to my right, and Coco and Harvey are snuggled into their beds just to my left. All are snoring softly, and the combination of their snores and the parrots singing along with the opera is something to hear (I’m not sure what, and I’m fairly certain that few others could appreciate what I’m hearing just now. You know, the kind of thing that only a mother could love…).

Oh, but it is a simply gorgeous spring day, and the windows all throughout the house are open and ceiling fans on, and the wind chimes of every shape and size on the bright green deck with purple doors are blowing gently in the breeze creating the most beautiful music wafting in with the fresh air. Birds are at the feeders, squirrels everywhere, and my beloved pileated woodpecker has been eating at my kitchen window feeder to my great delight. And Oh! Wonder of wonders! My friend Jeff gave me two bluebird houses that are nailed to two different trees and when I saw a bluebird going into one this morning I nearly fainted.

It is spring! It is here! And this week peat moss, topsoil, manure, bone meal, and all manner of organic components will be going into the garden areas. Time to order my friends in organic gardening — ladybugs, red worms for the soil, praying mantis casings so the wee little mantises can hatch out and do their work in the garden. I have seeds piling up here and rooted cuttings and I’m just itching to get out and start planting. Sam thinks sleeping on my head is a better idea. I say, “Here’s a shovel buddy, pugs can help too. Why Coco helped the men paint the fence pink and came in with pink streaks on her behind and side. At least she doesn’t mind helping.” I call her “The Pinkedy Pug,” and I guess she’ll be pink-streaked until those hairs fall out. I say it lends character. Some would say that we are all peculiar characters here, not that they’d say it to my face, but word gets around, you know. Ahem…

I will be updating the blog again in a day or two with new pictures of evolution of Mermaid Cove and the new pink picket fence with the purple garden gate that Coco helped paint. Until then, enjoy the spring weather, open the windows and let the fresh air in, celebrate Life!

Blessings to each and every one of you…

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  1. I think that our pets have come along to rescue us…helps us think outside of ourselves.

  2. i really love your site!you’ve got a positve view of life.

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