I Love Rainy, Puggy Sort of Days ~ And, How To Start Every Day Out Happy…

I was in love with the whole world and all that lived in its rainy arms.

~ Louise Erdrich ~

Newest rescue pug, Harvey…

Yessiree, it’s a hard life for a pug around here which you can easily see in the picture above. Harvey is the newest and fourth rescue pug to come, and has made himself at home. He has his special places, his toys and favorite blanket, and he sleeps on the bed with me at night with Sampson who, as you can see, is also having a rough day…

Of course, Coco is a ball of fire, as always…

… and Moe is full of gusto …

But at least I can always count on wee little Babsie, the party girl…

As you can see, she’s the life of any party…
(And yes, she’s really wearing the hat, which
I actually made for a handmade doll…)

But more often than not she is slow getting up and just wants her latte and The New York Times…

… but once she’s had her latte and is fully
she’s just her darling little puggy self…

As for me, on this rainy Saturday I plan to update blogs, work on my new ‘zine which will be out by January, work on the Magic Carpet that I am crocheting which will be a smooth ride once felted (You’ll be able to see this piece later today on my Art For Joy blog.), and I plan to just mosey and meander through the day.

I have been a little down lately, and I decided to take things in hand. The last few days I have gotten up, taken care of all of the animal’s needs, made my latte, and put on a 30 minute video, one of my all-time favorites, The Grand Old Lady Of The Blues, Alberta Hunter, doing a concert at the Smithsonian Institute. She was in her 80’s and still singing at night in a club and is the rockin’est, rollin’est old gal you ever saw. Alberta was born in 1895 and died in 1984 and she was pistol and a half. This video really gets one up and goin’ and happy all over the place. I sing to all the songs, Henry, my African grey, does his best to sing along, and he and Blossom, the cockatoo, does too, with Henry stepping from foot to foot and bobbing his head up and down, really gettin’ into all that jive. You can’t possibly watch this video and not end up smiling, singing, dancing, and clapping. She’s saucy, lots of fun, and really gets the audience stirred up. You should all run to amazon.com and get this video and her c.d., which I ride around in the car singing to, startling the person in the car next to me no end. The video is here —> (Click on image)…

… and one of the greatest c.d.’s of all is here —>

“Amtrak Blues”

Yes sir, Alberta has gotten me up and going many a down day, and just for fun otherwise. You can get both of the above on amazon used (and even new at low prices), if you like. I’m not profiteering, just wanting to share some fun. Why, many’s the day my dishes wouldn’t even get done if I I didn’t put that c.d. on and sing and swing with that randy old gal. And if you’ve got a parrot or six like I do here, they’ll be dancin’ and singing the blues right along with you too!

I’ll close here because Solomon, the Blue Crown Conure is chattering and clucking to himself so loudly and non-stop, I can’t hear myself thinking much less try to write. I think it’s time to crochet…

Sol the Doll…

Happy, Rainy Saturday to you all. I hope you’re having as lovely a day as we are here…


P.S. It’s evening now but I just had to share with you a link to the most beautiful, heart-warming story of a little 2 legged dog who was all but given up but rescued by a wonderful woman who taught him how to walk on 2 legs and lead a wonderful life. His name is Faith

Make this the year your resolutions come true!

Make this the year your resolutions come true!


  1. I love the doggy pictures!

  2. Your furbabies are adorable!

  3. What wonderful looking pugs you have!


  4. Oh, Maitre, what a lovely blog. If I could, I’d send you some of our sunshine today, but, evidently, you certainly can make the most out of a gloomy day. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. oh my they are all so adorable!! I’m glad you had a rainy day so we got to see these little guys!!:-)

  6. Aww…Hello, sweet puggies!

  7. You are so wonderful to rescue another precious pug! Harvey looks quite comfy and right at home. Of course, all of your babies are very adorable!

  8. cute animals, nice & interesting thoughts

  9. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Maitri.

    I was feeling a little low and then there you were.

    I adore your pets and I just clicked to see you in the garden.

    How very lovely. And you will never guess this.

    I just uploaded an image of morning glories to use tomorrow.

    Your pugs and parrots along with your magical garden are beautiful!

  10. Beautiful photos, beautiful animals!

  11. I really enjoy looking at your pictures. They can always bring a smile to my face. I am giving you an award! Please come to Smoothie’s Place to get it!


  12. I just love dogs! They are never disappointed to see you, and there is a joyous innocence that they possess that is present even when they’ve been bad pups!

    BTW, thanks for turning me on to Alberta Hunter! She really does rock! I found a clip of “My Castles Rockin” and now want to see more!

    Your awesome post made me smile and made my day! Thank you!

  13. Your dogs are just too cute -found you via EntreCard 🙂 🙂


  14. that is a lovely puppy…. i had fun watching it….

  15. I have to smile whenever I see a pug!

  16. All dogs look cute to me, because dogs are adorable :))

  17. OH, the pugs are adorable…and so energetic! I named one of my dogs, a brussels griffon, Rylie…and let me tell you he certainly has the life of Rylie!

  18. love the doggy pictures

  19. I want to thank you so much. You are all so very dear for leaving comments. My life right now is topsy turvy with my mother near death and life a rollercoaster ride, so while first, your comments mean more to me than I can begin to say — I read them, they mean the world to me, and you will never know how deeply appreciative I am for your comments — sadly, I’m struggling just to keep up right now and can’t answer in a proper fashion.

    Please know that I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

    Love to all,


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