From Maitri’s Heart ~ The Work That Is Coming Soon, It Is Finally Here!

Dear Ones…

I am writing this from a very quiet, vulnerable place. I am feeling deeply emotional due in part I’m certain to not having slept well in some time. And yet in the midst of it all, as I wrote a couple of days ago…

“Sleepless nights
Tired Days
Become a gift
Because you are so close to the surface
With no filters
Miracles occur.
I look for the miracles.”

And there are so many miracles, and so much grace. And I have fully embraced all that is in me to do, all that I was born to do. In deep meditation, prayer, silence and solitude my work has been fully birthed, has taken shape, and there are only the business details on this end to complete.

I have struggled for months with what I have wanted to do. I have changed my mind many times but my heart has never wavered. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know if it would be the thing that could support me while at the same time helping others.

In my consultation with my wonderful business mentor, muse, and coach, Dr. Rachna Jain, I said, this past week, “The one thing that I have wanted to do from the beginning is to have a community, but there are so many communities out there I don’t know if what I have to offer would be just one more community, or something special, unique. But from the beginning the one thing that has been a constant, that I have come back to again and again, is that I so want to do this.” She agreed that this has been the one thing that I have come back to again and again. I will also be teaching private sessions, taking students on a life journey through story as I wrote about in the last post, using my lifelong passion for writing as a healing journey, as the thing that saved my life, as the thing that I taught others for over 35 years, from my heart as a cantadora, one who heals through story and song, The Cantadora’s Way. I will be offering eBooks and eCourses and I will be doing my own writing and art, but the heart and soul of what I want to create is a community for women. Yes, women. (I want to note here that only the community will be all women. My eBooks, eCourses, other products, Private sessions, etc, will be available to men and women.)

I have also struggled with whether to have a women only community or one for both women and men, but it has to be women. I don’t want to be exclusive, and I would dearly love to include men on so many levels, but I have run communities very successfully for decades and what I know is that women will not open fully, and deeply, and share all that they need to share because they need answers and help, counsel and guidance, love and nurturing, if men are present. This community must needs be women. The community is called Maitri’s Inner Circle at Dragonfly Cottage.

And this will indeed be a very different kind of community because what I have to offer in the main is myself, my presence, gentle interaction, kindness, and support, and decades of creating and facilitating successful hands-on communities. I will be bringing forty years of work and life experience,  being a writer, 35+ years as a journal teacher, a healer of many types, an artist, a spiritual counselor, and one who helps others to heal their lives through their stories so that they can realize their dreams; helps people realize that they can create their paradise right where they are with what they have, planting the seeds and living their way into bigger dreams along they way; and helping people to embrace “fitting out” when they never really fit in, and so much more.  (You can read a lot more about who I am and what I do and have done in my bio here on the site.).

I will be doing regular videos and podcasts for the women in the community, will have live teas through the ning community I am creating right now, will be creating new ecourses and ebooks bi-monthly and so much more.

It took me a long time to try to figure out how to structure the community, do pricing, and what to offer, and more details will be out by the first week or so in October but basically the community will be offered on 2 different levels to make it affordable to everyone.

A basic membership will include everything that I mentioned above, quite a lot and I will be coming up with new things to offer all the time. Members will really be a part of Dragonfly Cottage. the gardens and the animals, the gentle philosophy, there will be recorded meditations and as much as I can possibly bring to you in every medium I can use to bring you the gifts of the silence and solitude that are the foundation of my life here at the cottage. In order to keep the cost of the basic membership down I decided to offer any eBooks and eCourses at 50% off to members at the basic level feeling that I didn’t want to make it more expensive just to include some of these resources that members might not be interested in anyway, but that they would be deeply discounted and very affordable if they chose to take them. Basic members will also get 25% off of private sessions with me.

A premium membership will include all of the above + all of the eBooks, eCourses, and other things that I create as in longer meditation packages and more for free included in their membership. They will also get 50% off Private sessions with me which is a very significant savings as the private sessions will be expensive for most people. The private work goes very deep and I will only be taking a very limited number of private students. The private work can take different forms and that will be outlined very soon on a special page on this website.

In addition I will be offering, to a very limited number of people, after the New Year, to work with me privately on a year long journey which will include weekly private calls, journal work and other homework to do, and an amazing experience taking the individual through a journey of healing, using The Cantadora’s Way, and other very special techniques and practices. More information will be released about this later this fall.

I wanted, most of all, now, to share with you the information about the community which will be the first thing to open. The private sessions will be available the next month, and so on. It is all opening like the thousand petals of the lotus flower in my heart. I know what I have to offer, I know that it matters, I know that I can reach and touch women in a very deep and special way, and I know that together we will be celebrating and loving each other gently all along the way. I was born to do this. Now I am ready.

I hope you will join me, tender souls. Together we can heal hearts and move mountains.

Warm Regards and Deepest Blessings to All,


Make this the year your resolutions come true!

Make this the year your resolutions come true!


  1. OLive Appleby says:

    Maitri…… that is something special and awesome. You have much to share with us and lead us on a journey to where we hope/want to be. Sending you glorious positive thoughts. Olive xxxx

    • Olive Dearheart, thank you so much, you are so kind and your words touch me deeply…

      This is the work of my heart, the work that began when I was in my 20’s and has grown in so many directions these last 40 years that it has indeed become like a thousand petaled lotus flower. And now the petals are opening. I hope that you will be able to join me in the warm, loving community that is my dream.

      Blessings and Love,


      • OLive Appleby says:

        Dearest Maitri….
        I know you are starting your community…. would there be any chance of a meeting fac-to-face? I would so love to meet you in person. Would you consider a retreat of some kind??? Your words, so resonate with many in your circle.

        Much love and positive thoughts
        Olive xxx

    • Thank you SO much Olive. I am on my lunch break from the most powerful thing I have ever done in my life, a rev-o-rama with Fabeku Fatunmise. You can look it up on his website if you are interested. My business, my offerings, what I will do with the community is so much clearer and more powerful I am really empowered to do really really powerful work with people. I am over the moon with “Limitless Possibilty” for the women I work with. So much more than I ever dreamed or knew I could do. So I am feeling a 4th of July fireworks display exploding inside of me. WOW!

      And no, given the circumstances of my life in person is not something I would ever do. I have a very private and cloistered life here at the cottage and it is why when I do do my work it is so energetic and powerful because that is what allows my energy to be released. I will be doing one-on-one work on a limited basis, but I do not now ever plan to do retreats except something very personal online with video so you could see me and talk to me…

      Blessings dearheart, have a beautiful day!


  2. Brava, Brava, Brava, my Brave Soul-Sistah! 🙂
    It can indeed take time for the right format to present itself.
    I look foward to partaking in the miracle with you.

    Blessed Be,
    Victoria oxo

    • Sweet sweet Victoria,

      Oh my dear, what a long way we’ve come, eh? I can’t believe that is was over a decade ago I stepped into SARK’s forum and met friends who would be dear to me for a lifetime and our parallel journeys are just so beautifully amazing. I am so proud of you for all that you do and have done and so happy for you for all of the beauty and love and richness that you have in your life now. Brava dear sister, indeed!

      LoveLoveLove to you,


  3. Hooray, Maitri!

    How joyful this time of preparing to set sail! The winds will at times be strong and full of power, at times gentle and lulling. I’m happy to be among those awaiting to board!


  4. Erica, how wonderful to hear from you love!

    And things are shifting even since this last post in a way that feels so good to me. I will have one paid community that is limited to 50 to 100 people and pretty packed with classes and material but I have also opened a free community today on FB because I don’t want anyone who can’t afford a paid community, or don’t get into the paid community when I hit my limit, to not be able to come into my warm cozy Dragonfly Cottage in this way. I’d love to have you join! Here’s the address!

    Blessings and love to you dearheart…


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