Come With Me, To The Reflecting Pool or Healing Through Story ~ The Cantadora’s Way…

I wanted to bring you here. It is so quiet.

The world is too busy, too noisy, too fast moving, when you are with me we will, for a time, leave the world. This place exists only when we have agreed to step over the threshold into a land where the only thing necessary is a willing suspension of disbelief. You are safe with me. This is a soft, gentle place. We have come here so that you can lie down in the green grass, and with your eyes closed, see, really see, the story of the life you have lived. Step out of your skin. You are no longer he, or she, you are an observer. You dropped your human form as you crossed the threshold and now you see with eyes that see clearly without the haze of pain and disappointment, fear or corruption, the corruption of the senses and all that you might have been without the demons and dragons, witches and gremlins, in the fairy tale of your life that scarred you or held you back.

In the happiest lives there have been chinks in the armor, places held back because someone, some thing, some event in life, broke a little piece off and going through life without it is impossible to function properly. You can go back, you can rewrite your story, you can come out whole on the other side when you cross the threshold again, but it will not happen overnight. We will keep on until you have written the tale in which you are the victor. It is possible for you to be the Hero or Heroine in your own story. I already see you there. I have the gift of sight but I cannot help you along the way. I can sit with you, listen to you, support you, and guide you, while you change the whole course of your life. It is possible. I have seen it happen many times.

Some lives have been very hard, there has been much damage, tremendous pain, scar tissue that feels impossible to break through, but, like the caterpillar that enters the cocoon, the transformation must be lived through blindly, by instinct, with faith, with courage, with grace. And yes, with tears. But what is the alternative? It is up to you. There is nothing in your life you cannot change when you rewrite the story of your life. Nothing.

Gently now, and with your eyes closed, imagine that we are walking along the bank watching the gentle ripples across the water. The day is so beautiful, softly warm, the lapping of the water allows something in you to begin to release, to unwind. Consciously relax your body, now breathe with me for a moment. In through your nose, out through your mouth, slowly, slowly, consciously release everything from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. Feel a soft warmth spreading through your body, let go, let go, let go, breathe…

You are lying here in the cool grass, the sun is warming your skin, the water lapping at the edge of the pond, your body is melting into the earth, nothing exists, but this moment. Everything that you left behind on the other side of the threshold is resting quietly in a parallel universe. You are safe, you are sound, you are whole, you are well.

The water is lapping at the edge of the reflecting pool, just a few feet away. You feel the hum of the earth as you connect to the source of all that is. It moves through you, a warm sensation flooding up through the soles of your feet, so warm, so relaxing, up through your calves, your thighs, your belly, your chest, so soft, so warm, you feel yourself smiling as the flow of energy and the sun move up and out through the top of your head carrying with it every bit of negativity that you held inside before we started. You are so soft, so beautiful, all that exists is your spirit, your soul, and you are radiant.

This is how you came to this earth, before life began to bend, shape, and change you, to take away your innocence, to make you forget who you really are. You are whole, you are beautiful, you are not a body, you are not a house or a car or a job or a relationship you are a soul, radiant, and everything else can be changed. Once you have reclaimed the pure spirit that is the essence of who you are you can begin to write your story, as you know it, as you believe that it has been, but you have to step back. The woman, the man, that is the protagonist in that tale is not you, is not the you you know that you are, lying in the grass by the reflecting pool. He or she has been walking through life moving further and further away from the beauty that they were born with. Feel tenderly toward them, do not fault them for seeming mistakes, take up your pen and begin to write their story. Detach, let go, this is their story, not yours. Pick up your pen and let us begin. Write, “Once upon a time…”

This is where we begin dearest. Make no judgments, no good or bad, no right or wrong. It is a story, it is a fable, it is a universal tale with a personal spin. It is never too late for a happy ending. Start now. I am right beside you. You are not alone. You are never alone.

Once upon a time there was a woman named…

After you have written your story as completely as you can for now, lie in the grass for a few more moments, breathe deeply, in and out, move very slowly and as you approach the portal your body will start to materialize, will carry you through and to the other side. You will return to your life but you will not be the same as you were before. Notice this. Even in the most subtle ways. This is the power of story. We have a long journey before us, but we have begun.

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  1. Thank you for this most poignant and powerful meditation. I can almost hear your voice speaking the words aloud, such is the power, the beauty if what you’ve brought here today.
    My medication seems to preclude me from getting too emotional these days, but when I got to, “you are not a house”, the tears began to streak down my cheeks. Life is for me full of unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, challenges, and yes, even a profound sadness around my ties between mySelf and a house. Your words offer grounding, hope.
    I don’t know if I have the strength or the wherewithal to begin rewriting my story when I feel in the thicke of so much uncertainty, unknown, and perhaps even sadness/fear, but knowing there is a safe spirit out there watching, waiting, listening, loving is an immeasurable gift.
    Once again I close with a heartfelt Namaste, Maitri!

    • Oh Dear Dear Erica, gentle soul…

      Perhaps it isn’t necessary for you to write your story just yet, but maybe you would like to write a little bit, even a line or two, about what came up for you about the house. Maybe you could draw a little picture, a little line drawing is fine, and draw yourself next to it, and bless it, and kiss it softly, and let it be for now. Sometimes we just need to take gentle care of a feeling when it arises. No more, no less.

      I will hold you very close in my thoughts and heart and prayers. All is well dear one. All is well…



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