The Experiment: Day 9 ~ A Play Day!


I have been working on the website all day, playing with colors, backgrounds, making a new banner and so on. Some days we just have to play. So this wee post is just to remind you that it’s important to have play days, and as you come back and forth here the next few days things are liable to keep changing! I’m having a hard time finding a background that I’m happy with and it’s already 8:30 p.m. Noni was arriving late tonight because her grand-daughter was in some kind of program but she’ll be here any minute. And I never ate dinner, unless you count potato chips. Noni brought those last night and left them here which was dangerous. I ate some in the middle of the night. I ate some for dinner. Then I figured I should eat something more substantial so I’m eating a bowl of cereal while I’m typing this. This is pitiful. But it’s been a fun play day (except when I took a nap with the pugs, but that was nice too) and now I better upload this so there’s SOMETHING up today for this 365 Day project. It’s not exactly cheating, but it is a tad unusual. Go on and play, if you’re alone you can play solitaire — I play Klondike solitaire on my phone all the time, it calms my nerves —  but do play something. And I will see you tomorrow. And I will be more productive than I was today. Well, that’s not right, I was productive on the web work even if I did watch/really listen to 2 youtube videos with Glennon Doyle Melton while I was working!

I hope you’re having a good Saturday night. Me, I want something to eat besides cereal!

A somewhat embarrassed…



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Day 1 ~ Introduction To The Project

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