A very brief interlude until the new blog entry goes up tomorrow…

Dear Ones,
Please forgive me for being late with a new blog entry. The heat here is something upwards of 176,000 degrees, or it has probably just felt like that because in the 105 degree temps my air conditioning went out for 2 days. I wanted to update the blog but I was limp as a noodle and my brains were mush. In fact, here’s exactly how I felt…
Ahem, you get my drift. 
So now that the AC is on I shall hit the keys tomorrow and get a new blog entry up. And never wear Victorian attire when the heat index is 110 degrees. It could kill you. Ridiculous Victorians!

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  1. That’s terrible about your AC going out. Hopefully it’s back up, and you’re more comfortable now 🙂

  2. …said this ridiculous Victoria, who turned into a tropical Jaguar when she shed her weight. I could VERY easily trade climates with you! (I won’t speak of trading places.) 😉

    Blessed Be,
    Victoria SkyDancer

  3. Anonymous says:

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